Create an Ornament with the Circular Sewing Attachment on the Janome MC9450


The Circular Sewing Attachment is an optional accessory that you can get for the Janome MC9450 and there are so many uses for it.

Circular Sewing Attachment 9450 YT

I decided to use it to create a cute – and quick – ornament to showcase one of the many (too many!) decorative buttons that I have. For this particular project, I used a variegated thread, which gave additional interest to the ornament.

Circular Sewing Attachment 9450 - 5

To create your own ornament, you’ll need:

Fabric for the top

Batting (I like to use a 100% cotton batting)

Tearaway fabric stabilizer

Backing fabric

Hanging ribbon or trim

Thread in your choice of colour

Janome MC9450 and screwdriver that came with it

Circular Sewing Attachment

Circular Sewing Attachment 9450 - 4

Note: Remote control not necessary for this project, only for the filming of it 😉

The Circular Sewing Attachment has a set screw with it and you will need the screwdriver that came with your Janome MC9450 to fasten it to the machine bed. Be sure it is tightly fastened so it would wiggle loose as you stitch.

I like to have bigger pieces of fabric for the top and backing than what the cut size of the project will be. In this case, the cut size will be 5” (4½” finished), so I used larger pieces of fabric than this. It’s easier to trim everything up after the stitching is done.

I chose 3 decorative stitches for my ornament and adjusted the length and width of them to my liking. I always use a scrap quilt sandwich to practice my decorative stitches and adjust the thread tension, if necessary.

I started with the smallest circle possible with the Circular Sewing Attachment and then stitched 2 additional circles larger than this first one. To adjust the size of your circles, unlock the locking mechanism on the Circular Sewing Attachment and move it to the desired size. You’ll note that the accessory has inches and centimetre markings on it so you can choose exactly the size you would like your circle to be.

Circular Sewing Attachment 9450 - 3

Top done and ready for the backing and hanging loop. the button isn’t yet fastened to the ornament.

Once I finished stitching all of the circles, I tore away the fabric stabilizer and was then ready to attach a piece of ribbon or trim for a hanging loop and, using the pillowcase method, I added the backing to the ornament. I used glue – don’t tell the quilt police! – to close the side opening – no hand stitching on this project at all!

There was one last thing to add and that was the decorative button that I wanted to stitch to the centre of the ornament. Lucky for me, the Janome MC9450 has a Button sewing feature that allowed me to sew the button on using the machine. Look ma, no hands (hand stitching, that is!).

Ornament Final - 1

It was quick and fun to stitch up this cute ornament on the Janome MC9450 and I loved that I was able to use one of my favourite buttons in it. I have so many buttons and never quite know what to do with them and this project was a perfect way to display one of them. While I used just one button, you could certainly add a cluster of buttons in the centre if you wished to do so. It’s also a great project in which to play with variegated thread. Definitely lots of options in creating this ornament on the Janome MC9450.

Circular Sewing Attachment 9450 - 1

For more information on attaching the Circular Sewing Attachment to the Janome MC9450 and to see how I created this ornament, click on the image below.

Circ. Sewing Attachment 9450Note: The Circular Sewing Attachment that fits the Janome MC9450 is part number 202135007.

Happy stitching from Kim Jamieson-Hirst, Janome Canada Artisan in Calgary, Alberta.

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