The Janome AcuSketch app is the perfect tool to draw and embroider a fish…….or anything else you fancy. 


Fish drawn on the AcuSketch screen. 

Adding details to the fish. The triple straight stitch was selected for the stitch type – bottom left of  the screen. 

For the last step, you need to transfer the design using either WIFI or USB stick depending on which Janome embroidery machine you have. If you have the Janome MC 15000 or Janome Skyline S9, the AcuSketch design can be transferred wirelessly and directly to these embroidery machines.  If you have another Janome Embroidery machine model, you may email the design directly out of the AcuSketch app to your email account on your computer where you may save it to your USB stick. Then simply pop the USB stick into your Jnaome embroidery machine and open the file – fish as here or whatever you have sketched and digitized instanteously in AcuSketch. 

The fish was embroidered on a slightly thick, fibrous paper but could also be stitched on fabric and other materials. 

Or you  can choose an embroidery design and mix & match with AcuSketch digitized drawings.  For example: 

This is a design included with the Janome MBX digitizer Software – # CS040-SZ.

Have fun drawing fish, embroidering them to use on cards, home decor, gifts and more. You could also introduce a fun activity for kids to draw their own fish on our  Janome iPad  App and then embroider at the Janome embroidery machine. Check out our blog post with just this very thing – an eight year old drawing a fish with AcuSketch and then embroidering this  on a pillow. 

Originally published on Vie Janome by Céline Ross.

Translated and edited by Anne-Margaret and Liz  

About Anne Stitcher

I am the newest Educator with Janome. While I have been sewing for over 40 years, I'm finding there is always something new to learn in the sewing world. New techniques, new tools and new fabric.
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