Show and Tell inspires us to try similar techniques or project ideas

I was attending an event at Langley Vacuum and Sewing and we were having a show and tell session. There are so many talented people out there. A lot of people doing projects for gifts and charity work. I love seeing how people use their skills to give back to their communities.

What do you do when you can’t find that perfect fabric to go with the project you are working on? Well, make it yourself. These talented women created the perfect fabric with thread.

For this quilt, Colleen Broderick wanted a colourful fabric, but didn’t want something overly busy to distract from the co-ordinating fabric. The variegated thread is a fantastic choice. It pulls all the colours from the fabric, adds the right amount of colour, and compliments the main fabric but isn’t overbearing.

A basic stipple stitch looks great. Collen embroidered her own multi – colour embellished fabric with Acufil stippling and then cut it up for her piecing. Wasn’t that clever? 

In this one Stephanie Bloomfield wanted a very subtle embellishment to a beautiful fabric. She added decorative stitches which are stitched out in the hoop. She then cut up her fabric to complete her piecing in a similar way. Did you know you could do that? 

Check out this post where a Janome America educator used embroidery to embellish fabric which she then cut up for her piecing. 

Two completely different designs. The same design stitched in diagonal corners. These decorative stitches don’t take away from the embroidered flower which is the focal point of the pillow.

Thank you to both Colleen and Stephanie for sharing these fantastic ideas. So many possibilities to create amazing projects. Happy stitching.

About Anne Stitcher

I have been an Educator with Janome for several years now. Crafting is my passion. I love to sew, quilt, crochet, knit, cross-stitch, scrapbook, paper tole and cook. I have so many hobbies. I am always doing something. I love to use my skills to help people in need and to pass on my knowledge to others. Happy Sewing!
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  1. Very nice. You can also do this with a walking foot or the Acu-Feed Flex foot. I have done it and it works great.


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