Does your sewing machine need a new sewed-by-you cover?

Michael made this cover – loads of dec stitches, pockets and buttons.

We know the need for this but we often forget to cover our machines while they sit waiting for us to return to do more sewing. I know I need to dust my furniture and household surfaces frequently so our sewing machines should are not exempt from gathering dust – especially near materials like cotton and batting!

Many of our Janome Machines  come standard with a sewing machine cover: some are hard covers like in the pic above – also most useful for carrying to classes? Others are a soft vinyl dust cover and others are a semi-hard canvas type fabric covering. Whatever type you may – or may not have – what about considering making a rather special one for your machine?

Anne-Margaret made hers larger to fit over her Janome Horizon MC15000. Isn’t it just lovely with those useful big pockets and stylish piping along the side edges?

Liz’s version of the sew4home sewing machine cover. It fits the 4300QDC perfectly! And what a great way to use some of those buttons in your button box that have been there for years?!

To celebrate the arrival of the new top of the line QDC model, our Janome 4300QDC, several of our educators made sewing machine covers based on a project seen on Sew4home in June 2018. Check out this link for the full instructions and pattern to download. We gave our educators a bunch of fabric last summer to make a wide variety of samples for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. We had colour suggestions for each new machine model we were making samples for. You will be able to guess what the theme colour was for the Janome QDC 4300 even if you have not had the opportunity to see the machine yet! Check out the pic above.

It was a lot of fun adding decorative stitches and buttons for embellishment.

And last, but not least, Erin made this cover for her Janome Skyline S9. Now that she has upgraded to the Janome Horizon Mc15000, perhaps she will be making another cover soon – possibly with some embroidery or adding embellishment with the Janome Apps she loves so much?! ……….What do you think, janomegirl?

We thought we would share our sewing machine covers with you. Are you inspired to make a similar cover for your machine? Isn’t it amazing how different these covers ended up albeit they are made with similar fabrics and all from the same pattern and instructions from I really think it is inspiring that creativity is so easy when you have the right tools and a little nudge in a creative direction to be off and running ( um, I mean sewing). That’s all most of us need……right?


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5 Responses to Does your sewing machine need a new sewed-by-you cover?

  1. Jamie Tanis says:

    Would love a pattern for the 500E.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Jamie,

      This pattern was offered by as per the blog post. If you wish to make for your 500E, you would need to make your own adjustments to the measurements. I don’t think that would be very difficult to do. 2 of our educators made the pattern larger for bigger machines so I’m sure you would be able to do the same.



  2. Ultimate Sewing Centre says:

    Nice project…Shows well


  3. Cirelda Chalut says:

    Seems to me this would be a good project to get familiar with some of the fancy stitches we don’t use on our machines. My Skyline S5 is just waiting to get ‘covered’.


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