Sewing a “Wonder Clip” pouch on the Janome HD9

I recently received my Janome HD9 sewing machine and wanted to start out with a simple project to familiarize myself with it and try out some of the basic features and attachments. Using my Crocus Oil Pouch pattern as a starting point, I decided to use the smaller size to make myself a pouch to hold my “Wonder clips”. 

I wanted to try out the HD9’s Ultra Glide foot so I selected a beautiful gold fleck natural cork from MM Cork Supply as the exterior fabric for my pouch. If you’re like me and love sewing with cork, you probably have many small scraps that you don’t want to throw out! This small bag is perfect for using those scraps.

Since cork shouldn’t have high heat applied to it, I selected a cotton fabric for the lining and fused woven interfacing and fusible fleece to the lining pieces which will give the pouch more structure. I made a double pull zipper from my #5 metallic nylon coil zipper in white with a gold coil. The double pull zipper will allow me to leave the zipper partially closed on both sides, preventing my clips from falling out.

I started with a regular weight, polyester thread and followed the convenient threading guide found on the front of the machine. There are two threading diagrams which indicate how to thread the machine for both heavy weight and regular weight thread.  

I used the Adjustable Zipper foot (part #767408011) included with the HD9 Leather Kit to sew the exterior and lining pieces to the zipper as instructed in the pattern. 

I wanted the topstitching along the zipper to stand out so I threaded the machine with a heavy weight thread. For this, I used a topstitching thread with a weight of 30. Once again, I made use of the threading guide found on the front of the machine to thread the machine correctly. I also switched from the Adjustable Zipper Foot and used the Ultra Glide foot in the HD9 Leather kit.

The Ultra Glide Foot resulted in beautiful, even stitches that really stand out with my heavier topstitching thread. I took advantage of the strength of that heavier thread to complete the remaining steps in the pattern. 

I now have a small pouch that holds at least 50 Wonder Clips to keep on my sewing desk near my machine. 

If you would like an in-depth look at The Janome HD9, feel free to watch this video that Michael aka Janomeman made.

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  1. Betsy Megns says:

    Looks great! Top stitching is beautiful!


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