This foot comes standard with some of our Janome models but can be purchased separately as an optional accessory if you perhaps have a model where it is not a standard accessory. Overedge Foot C with the little brush is another overedge/ overcasting – see the video below for more on this foot. Highly recommend this video in red type face down at the bottom of this post.  It has 8 mins of very useful, practical information to add to what I have given here. Thank you, Janome America, Erin and Marina – you rock!

I decided to feature this foot as March 2019 FOOT OF THE MONTH as I really think it is a pretty nifty foot and is, in my opinion overlooked, which is a bit unfortunate so let’s see what it does and when you might use it.

Want to end off the edge of your fabric or neaten a seam? IN ONE PASS? Look no further….. Janome M foot to the rescue.

  1. You will select an appropriate over casting or over edge stitch if your Janome machine model has this. Even a simple zig-zag stitch will work. Using the M or C foot is the closest you may get to a serged/ neatened fabric edge without having a serger. It must be said that it is not the same as a serger as your serger cuts the fabric edge as well as uses 3 or 4 threads to neaten the edge. This uses 2 threads and does not cut but it is an alternative if you do not own a serger.
  2. Attach the M foot to your Janome machine. If you do not have this foot, ask your local Janome machine Dealer if there is one which is compatible with your particular Janome model.

  1. Now ride the edge of the fabric up against the guide at the front right of the foot as you stitch. Notice that the stitch will form across or over the metal prongs or “wires” behind the front of the foot. This is quite effective.

  1. If you have multiple stitch selections in your Utility stitch section, experiment with different ones to see which result you prefer. Also note that some stitches work well on some fabrics while others work better on other fabrics……play time! In the pic above, I used stitch #15

    I used stitch #15 on the NEW Janome 4300QDC machine. Your Janome sewing machine may have the same or a similar stitch although it may not be the same # as here.

  2. Word of caution: Just check that you follow the recommendations in your manual or on the machine screen for optimum stitch settings. Take care that the stitch width and length are so adjusted that you do NOT strike the metal prongs with your needle.
  3. When you have reached the end of your seam or fabric edge, simply tie off, cut your threads with the fabulous Janome built-in thread cutter (if you are lucky enough to have that feature) and then gently pull the fabric out to the BACK of the machine and off the metal prongs of the foot.  This is important as you may rip your stitches or bend the metal prongs if you roughly pull the fabric out to the left hand side of the machine. See video below.


And here is another great new video courtesy of Janome America



Do you have this foot? Would you like to neaten seams quickly and easily? Visit your local Janome dealer today for more information about the handy dandy Janome M foot! 

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  1. Susan Lagville says:

    Really? an 8 second video? and you think that’s helpful?


    • lizafrica says:

      Sorry we apparently did not provide what you wanted, Susan. Although I am surprised by your comment as there were TWO video’s: The short video was actually only meant to show how to remove the fabric from the machine when using that foot. No more, no less. The second one was much longer at over 8 minutes. Did you not watch that before sending this negative comment? The rest of the blog post also contained a good amount of written information and photo’s.



  2. Really hoping Janome America can come up with a blog series as useful as yours, Liz! Using the tags is great, but the education contained therein is SO GOOD that I would love to see it even more accessible somehow. Perhaps an Education tab on the Janome Canada and Janome USA pages (thinking of the Superior Threads website tab as an example)! I’ve used this foot a lot and have been pondering the best way to teach my DIL how to use her M7200. We’re going to do a Summer Camp for a few days this summer and I’m contemplating what projects would teach what skills (flat felled seam, French seam, later on Hong Kong finish, overcast, rolled hem, etc). A general “Education” spot with subcategories for presser feet, seam finishes, embroidery, etc would be a brilliant resource for Janome and a way for those of us who teach (professionally or just to our friends) to share the wealth of knowledge from the Janome team.


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