Foot of the Month: Janome Border Guide Foot

One aspect of my job which I dearly love is to travel around to the various Janome dealerships to give presentations on all things Janome; or, as I put it, “to share the Janome love.” It’s such a joy for me to meet so many Janome fans as I love to hear their feedback, suggestions, and especially their responses as I show them samples of things I’ve made using the various Janome machines, attachments, and presser feet.

One presser foot which always creates excitement is the Janome Border Guide foot.


Though this optional, speciality presser foot has been around for a few years, I find it’s one of those little hidden gems which many sewists don’t know about it. I’m happy to help share the virtues of this foot and help it become more widely known as I LOVE it and use it every chance I get. Available for both 9mm and 7mm machines, be sure to check with your Janome dealer to purchase the correct size for your machine.


You’ll see in the above photo that the Janome Border Guide foot (FB) looks like the standard Janome Satin Stitch foot (F), but has flanges, or, I call them “wings”, on either side. There’s also some special markings on the front of the foot and on the “wings”, which is the key to why this presser foot works so well when stitching multiple rows of decorative stitches, as in my sewing machine cover pictured below.

I personally never cover my sewing machines; I suppose since they’re pretty-much in constant use, but I was asked to make a sewing machine cover as one of the samples which I take along to show at presentations. I turned to our friends at Sew4Home. for some inspiration as there is a TON of fabulous free patterns, tips, tricks and techniques to find on their website, such as a tutorial on how to make the Piping for the sewing machine cover, made even easier by using the Janome Piping foot, of course.




The parallel rows of decorative stitching were quick and easy to do; with minimal marking of the fabric, I might add, as I used the red guidelines marked on the Janome Border Guide foot to keep everything straight and uniform.

Below is a quick sample I did to test out the thread, fabric, needle and decorative stitches I’m thinking of using for another project.


ALWAYS take the time to experiment before you begin your “good” project. There’s so many variables involved, so you definitely want to do some testing first to ensure you achieve the results you desire. For example, since I’m using some dense decorative stitches, I want to also audition some choices of stabilizer to adequately support those stitches.



The spacing between the red guidelines of the 9mm Janome Border Guide foot is approximately 3/8″ or 10mm, so it’s perfect for the nice wide 9mm decorative stitches of my Janome MC 15000 Quiltmaker, for example. However, as I mentioned previously, there is also a 7mm Janome Border Guide foot to use with Janome 7mm machines, so the spacing between those guidelines would be spaced accordingly.



Stitching is in straight, even rows, as noted by my seam ripper pointing to the edge of the leaf in the photo below. The outer red guideline of the foot is perfectly in-line with the outer tip of the leaf. SEW good!


With so many of our Janome machines offering such a vast array of enticing decorative stitches, I thought the Sew4home sewing machine cover with rows of decorative stitches was a terrific project to test some out, especially when using the Janome Border Guide foot to help produce such terrific results!

Happy Sewing!


About janomeman

SO many creative possibilities, SEW little time!! I'm so excited to share my love of sewing, quilting and creating with the world! Have fabric, will travel. : )
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12 Responses to Foot of the Month: Janome Border Guide Foot

  1. Bonnie Ghimenti says:

    I have a Janome MC6600P In my manual it does not indicate what MM it is like 9mm, 7mm, etc. I am interested in this boarder guide foot.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Bonnie,

      The Janome MC6600P is a 7mm wide stitch model so the Border Guide foot would need to be for a 7mm model. You can measure the opening where the needle goes up & down on the zig-zag needle plate and it should be a 7mm wide opening. Our authorized Janome dealers will be able to assist you with this too.



  2. Cindy Spicer says:

    Is there a resource that you know of that explains all the lines, angles and measurements on the throat plates? There is no info in the material that came with my 9400
    Cindy S


  3. Denise Zich says:

    Hi, enjoyed your write up on this specialty foot. I have one question for you. I checked the Janome web page and this foot fits a lot of models but not HD3000 (mine is white). even tho the HD-3000 Black Edition is listed. I have compared the specs and they seem to have same listings. Can you please tell me what difference I am missing that makes using center items an issue?
    This may not be the right place to ask this question , but I have not found anyone else to ask.
    Thank you for taking time to read this. Hopefully you can advise me or point me in the right direction to find the answer.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Denise,
      I will make inquiries for you. Don’t know the difference now as I write but I will get back to you.

      Janome Canada


      • Denise Zich says:

        Thank you. I have found E-mails of your blog holds a vast amount of info and inspiration. I have been sewing on the same machine for just over 35 years when it died and I got my new Janome machine. A lot has advanced over that passing of time.


      • lizafrica says:

        You are welcome. Glad we can provide info that you and others find so useful.



    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Denise,

      I do not see a reasons why you cannot use the Border Guide foot on your HD3000. It seems to be an omission to not have the white edition on the list. Queries like this can be addressed first and foremost to your local Janome dealer or to our Customer Relations service online.



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