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One of the most important techniques to master as a quilter is free motion quilting. You’ve probably heard the expression that you are only as good as your tools, and, with the Janome MC9450, you have exactly the right tools to make free motion quilting easy. The Janome MC9450 comes with a wide variety of free motion quilting feet so you can choose the appropriate one for any type of quilt.

#1 FMQ Feet and Needle Plate

With so many free motion quilting feet available, you might not know which one to use and what setting works best with it on the Janome MC9450. Don’t worry! I’m going to show you the various options available and what settings work best with each foot.

Two of the feet that will look familiar are the PD-H open-toe darning foot and the PD-H closed-toe darning foot. While these are labelled as darning feet, as a quilter, we tend to think of them as free motion quilting feet. The only difference between these two feet is that one is open at the front, while the other is closed.

#2 PD-H open foot and needle plate close-up

PD-H Open-Toe Darning Foot

There are also 3 free motion quilting feet that come with the Janome MC9450: the QO, QC, and QV feet. These are small feet, but they work very well. Again, the QO and QC feet look alike, with the only difference being that one is open-toe and one is closed-toe.

QO foot free motion quilting stars and loops - 1

QO Free Motion Quilting Foot

The QV foot works well for appliqué as its saucer shape makes it easy to get right up to the edges of appliqué shapes, without the worry of snagging on them.  The QO, QC and QV feet all fit on the regular foot holder.

#3 QZ foot close-up

QV Free Motion Quilting Foot

The last “free motion quilting” foot that comes with the Janome MC9450 is the QR or ruler foot. While some quilters might consider ruler quilting a bit differently than free motion quilting, I think of them as the same – you just use a ruler with the ruler foot. The QR foot has a thicker base and is already attached to its foot holder.

QR Ruler Foot on sandwich - 1

QR Ruler Foot at work

There are different settings for the various feet and you will find these in the Sewing Applications icon on your Janome MC9450 (the one that looks like a t-shirt). There are several different menus in this area, so you need to scroll through them until you get to the Quilting, VZZ, RW menu is this is where you will see the different choices for free motion quilting.

To make it easy for you to understand the various options in this area on the Janome MC9450, click on the image below for a detailed video on the various feet and the settings to use for each of them.

FMQ feet on Janome MC9450Do you have a favourite free motion quilting foot and setting that you use on your Janome MC9450 when you are quilting your project? Let me know in the Comments below.

NOTE: If you have upgraded your Janome MC9400, to the Janome Mc9450, you  will also have these wonderful free motion quilting feet, so the same information applies to that machine as well.

Happy quilting from Kim Jamieson-Hirst, Janome Canada Artisan in Calgary, Alberta.

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Quilting teacher, host at Chatterbox Quilts and The Quilter's Way, inspiring and encouraging quilters through education.
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  1. Barbara Nickerson says:

    Thank you Kim for all the great videos on using the 9450. I purchased one about a month a go and your videos have been very important to me in learning all my machine can do. I look forward to each of your videos and you are a great teacher. Please keep the videos coming, I have learnt so much from you.

    Thanks, Barbara Nickerson


  2. Betty Tolan says:

    I have a Memory Craft Janome 10000 and have a major problem n NO HELP! The motor runs but the machine will only stitch in place -no matter what stitch I try. I switched the feed dog Button – makes NO difference. No one to help me in Duluth, Minn USA. There is a Janome dealer here – useless shop as they want nothing to do with ya unless you have bought the machine from them or are purchasing a new one. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME? Thank you. Betty Tolan. 1-218-729-9343 or bettylouorig@yahoo.com

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