Nova Sewing Centre is one of Canada’s largest Janome dealers. Sean, the owner, purchased the store in Hamilton, Ontario and the store in London, Ontario and subsequently added a third store. There are 2 stores in London and one in Hamilton to supply all your sewing needs – Look at the pic’s of these stores and you will see what I mean! You will be as amazed as I was to see the vast array of sewing machines, thread, sewing notions and a whole lot more.

We published posts in recent months telling you that Janome Canada is now the distributor of Madeira thread. Many of you indicated that your dealer does not carry this very popular quality thread. Well… you can see, Nova Sewing Centre does!! If your local Janome or Elna dealer does not carry Madeira thread and you want it…guess where you can find it?! Nova Sewing Centre will ship to you – no problem.

Is that not a very impressive selection of trims and more? I could have spent 5 hours in Nova Sewing Centre just to browse through the trims and notions!

And, of course, Nova Sewing Centre is a Janome dealer offering a wide selection of our models as well as expert knowledge and service for our machines.

Notice these super cute Arrow sewing chairs in the pic above? Obviously it goes without sewing that you can get yours from Nova Sewing Centre! I am sitting on mine as I write this post. Super comfortable red woodwork with the sewing fabric in the bottom left of the pic above. Love my chair! AND these chairs are available with or without hydrolics so you can lower or raise your chair if you go for that model. Another fabulous secret feature is that the seat lifts up to reveal a secret compartment! I stash my chocolate or similar candy in there to keep sticky fingers away from it. Probably tells you more about me that the one with sticky fingers but it remains that it is a really clever storage spot.

One last thing……Janome educator(s) will be in attendance at the Nova Sewing Centre Tent sale at the store 325 Wortley Rd, London next week – Friday 19th and Saturday 20th July. Bring your questions to us…….we will be there to answer them as well as show you all our wonderful Janome goodies at TENT SALE pricing.

About Janome Canada

For over 100 years, Janome has been the brand of choice for sewing, embroidery, longarm quilting, sergers, coverhem machines - and MORE! Our Janome Canada head office; our Janome HQ, is the Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Be sure to follow us here on Janome Life blog, as well as our other Janome Canada social media so you get the most from your Janome machine! @janomehq @janomecanada Janome HQ Facebook, Janome Canada Facebook Janome HQ You Tube channel, Janome Life You Tube channel
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  1. Annie says:

    I am looking into upgrading my Janome embroidery machine. I was wondering if you will be having a Janome Home Show to show us your latest model, 550 Embroidery Machine. I am also hoping to see the 500e being demonstrated.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Annie,

      Depends where you are in Canada. We had one last weekend in Edmonton. There is another next week in Calgary ( see our blog post TODAY about this show) and then we have another one in Toronto (Mississauga) next month 17-19 Oct. Please see their website for details

      Look forward to seeing you at one of these shows where we will be happy to show you machines and answer your queries.



  2. Erla Pedersen says:

    Skyline S9 price – $4,999 MSRP on Nova site. $3,999 on Janome, Curious as to what is the difference ?


    • lizafrica says:

      manufacturers suggested retail price is usually higher than what our dealers sell at. Has to be as the final selling price depends on the dealer. We do not dictate selling price. Hence why it is “suggested”


  3. joyce villeneuve says:

    Didn’t see pictures of chairs. Could be looked on wrong spot. Makes me jealous of people who live close


    • lizafrica says:

      I’ll check it out. Could be the link isn’t working.


    • Linda Fielding says:

      Hi Joyce Villeneuve. If you go to the website for the Nova store on Wortley Road, London Ontario and select pictures you will see 2 types of chairs. I’m sure they would be available at either London location or the Hamilton location, if one of these chairs are what you are looking for.


  4. Linda Fielding says:

    I have dealt with Sean for several years. He is great to deal with and so are his people in London. They are super knowledgeable for any problem you may be encountering. His stores are loaded with embroidery supplies and machine supplies, and of course the Hamiliton store has so much more and he also sells a variety of brand name machines. I personally prefer Janome and I have owned 6 Janome machines over the years including the 10000, 11000 and the 12000. I grew up in Hamiliton and spent many hours on Ottawa street with my mother and then for myself as I began sewing at quite an early age. Great people and great service equals great stores!

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