Can I use the Janome AcuEdit App if I don’t own a WIFI embroidery model?

Keep reading to the bottom of this post for a very useful video addressing the title of today’s post.

But first – about yesterday’s post: 

Oh wow! Lots of you have sent comments in since yesterday when we asked what we could do to help. Thanks for responding…..KEEP THE COMMENTS COMING!  I have answered as many comments as I could but will get to the rest when I have time so please be patient.

If you asked for a topic to be covered rather than a specific query (or complaint) about a difficulty you are experiencing, I may not have replied to you. BUT please rest assured that I have read and noted each and every request for information and am currently compiling a list to cover in the coming months.  So – as I say – keep your topics coming as I will add yours to the growing list.

Many of the queries which came in yesterday have been addressed previously – in already published janomelife posts or in video’s and webinars we have on You Tube. May we suggest you do some research on both these platforms to find a LOT of information you may not know is already there for free.

I also became aware yesterday that many of the things you reported or offered suggestions about are actually not things we can effectively address on a blog. Many issues arise directly out of the fact that you either live far away from a dealer or you have not used the expertise that many of our local Janome dealers offer. This may be for a number of different reasons. We will do our best to offer assistance where we can but the fact remains that some things you asked about are better handled in store with your dealer.

Snowflake cut using Artistic Simple Cut software and quilting is done using Acufil Quilting software.

One other point to note: Many of you offered feedback on things you would like to see changed or added to Janome software; computer operating system compatibility ; Apple vs Windows etc. Please note that it is beyond the scope of janomelife to do anything about many of these issues. However, I will nonetheless  be very diligent about passing on all your suggestions and feedback to the applicable people and departments. You have my word on that!

And here is something worth watching:

I think this short little video is VERY useful and will help all of you who do not own a Janome MC15000 or Janome Skyline S9. These 2 models are wifi models so if you have another Janome like the 500E, then this video is for you as it will explain in detail how you too can download the FREE AcuEdit App from the Apple App store to your Ipad and then transfer designs from your  iPad to your 500E or other machine.

Check it out here.

And I will share more info and video’s in the coming weeks and months as we try to provide you with the info you have requested. Thanks for responding! 

About lizafrica

I am the National Education Manager for Janome & Elna Canada (including Artistic Creative products) and I LOVE to sew! I have been employed full time in the sewing and quilting industry for almost 30 years so I bring a wealth of sewing knowledge & expertise to this blog. I enjoy all forms of sewing from quilting to sewing garments to machine embroidery and software. Pretty much everything in my life is seen through the eyes of a passionate sewer! I am constantly on the look out for fun, innovative and inspiring ideas to share with you all on this blog. I also love to read, knit , travel and spend time with my family and friends.
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10 Responses to Can I use the Janome AcuEdit App if I don’t own a WIFI embroidery model?

  1. Julieann S Powell says:

    My only comment is that Janome is missing a large segment by only catering to i-pad. I for one have never owned an Apple product, nor do I intend to. They are way too costly when PC and Android do as good or better job. So until Janome decides to wise up. No way. Sorry.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Julieann

      I will pass on your comments to our R&D department. Please remember that we DO cater to PC as well as the software on the disc which comes with most of our embroidery machines is for Windows (Embroidery editing software which essentially does EXACTLY the same as AcuEdit. We do indeed cater to both PC and Apple consumers.



  2. Cathy V says:

    I do not have an iPad, nor am I willing to spend the money to get one. So, what might work for me?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Cathy,

      Our apps are Apple based so only work on an iPad. But all our embroidery machines from the Mc12000 onwards include software which you can install on your PC and use. Some of these offer similar functions to what is contained in some of the Apps.



  3. Sandra Spencer says:

    Where can I buy Janome Thread? I need the White sparkle and cannot find a vendor. I am not a business.


  4. Marcile Lewis says:

    Is there a source for stitch patterns for 9400. I am not good at stitch composer. I would like a bird.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Marcile,

      Not totally sure I understand what you want. Stitch Composer is a software program for you to make new stitches. The little blue question mark in the top right corner contains all the information about how to use this software. You will need to work through these instructions and teach yourself how to use the features of the software. You have to start somewhere. We all did at some point. And honest – it is NOT that hard. If you know how to go from dot to dot, you can do it! If you want a bird, then find an image of a bird or draw one, scan it and bring that into the stitch composer as a back drop and then click around it to make the stitch.
      I will offer some posts on Stitch Composer in the coming months.
      Here is some info for you to use so long: and Ignore that the video says Mc12000. Same software. – this one is not an official Janome one and is for the Mc15000 – but again – SAME software.
      There are also a lot of posts on Stitch Composer on janomelife as I love this software.



  5. Marla Cooprider says:

    What is the You Tube channel please? Thanks!


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