Digitizer MBX V5.5 FONTS

The Digitizer MBX V5.5 includes 11 new fonts built into the software, including 3D fonts for foam embroidery (puffy foam). The software also embroiders True Type fonts already installed in your system.

11 nouvelles polies

The 11 new fonts are:

  1. 3D Brush Script
  2. 3D Emphatic
  3. 3D Future
  4. 3D London
  5. 3D Monoglyceride
  6. 3D Sofachrome
  7. Flourish Light
  8. Monoglyceride
  9. Monoglyceride Bold
  10. Sofachrome
  11. Turncoat

Puffy foam embroidery adds dimension and character to lettering. The composition of the foam is 100% polyethylene. It is popped under the embroidery and the needle punctures the foam as it stitches the font. This perforates the foam and it just pulls away from the embroidery afterwards.  If there are any small bits of foam left, it can be easily removed with the steam from the iron.

All of the built-in fonts are:

  1. 6 3D Fonts
  2. 20 Serif-free Fonts
  3. 22 Serial Fonts
  4. 9 Cursive Fonts
  5. 5 Contour Fonts
  6. 344 Monogram Fonts
  7. 3 Japanese Fonts
  8. 8 Special Fonts
  9. 4 Crossing point Fonts
  10. Fancy Fonts
  11. 4 Other Fonts
Nouvelles polices finales

Visit your local Janome Authorized Dealer for a presentation of the Digitizer MBX V5.5 software

Edited and translated from Vie Janome by Anne-Margaret and Liz

More info about Janome Digitizer MBXv5.5 coming up tomorrow. 

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