Coverpro 2000CPX: Elastic Gathering Attachment

One of the many things that a Janome Coverpro makes easier is adding elastic. The Elastic Gathering Attachments quickly add elastic with ease.

The elastic gathering attachment allows easy attachment of elastic tape for waists and cuffs which is especially useful for making undergarments and children’s clothing. The wide workspace of the CoverPro means you can even add a bit of elastic in the middle of a garment, for example to the waist of a dress.

Using the attachment is simple and only takes minutes to set up. You only need your attachment and two screws to attach it to your Janome Coverpro.

Unsnap the seal and open it up. Place your elastic inside and reseal it. Now, the dial at the top is used for pressure. The tighter the dial, the greater the stretch in the elastic (tigher gathers), the looser the dial the less stretch (little to no gathers).

I leave my elastic on the spool as I stitch, but leave plenty of excess loose so the elastic is not being pulled on both sides of the attachment, but instead only being pulled taut by the attachment itself.

Before you start on your project, grab some scrap fabric to determine the dial setting required. I pull the elastic behind the foot by an inch to I have something to hold on to while stitching. I lower my needles in to the elastic and place my fabric just in front of the foot. This allows me to hold the elastic taught behind the foot and allows the coverpro to create a few stitches prior to commencing on the actual project.

Do this a few times on the scrap fabric, adjusting the dial pressure each time, to see what you like best and what works best for your project. I increased my Stitch Length to reduce the thread bulk underneath, but this is not required.

I am using the elastic to create Ruffles to the hem of a pair of shorts as well as stitch down the elastic waistband. I want lots of gathers so I increase the pressure on the dial to pull the elastic taut as it runs beneath the foot.

4 test rows. Increasing the pressure on the dial to create more gathers.
beautiful, even gathers easily created in under a minute using the elastic gathering attachment.

About Chrystal McKay

I make handmade items for the tiny humans of your life at Chrystalclearrr. I am a Janome Artisan and work with a Janome Skyline S7 & Coverpro 2000CPX.
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