Halloween Wall Quilt


We are just a few days into Fall but it’s never too early to start your Halloween sewing projects.

I’ve always loved decorating for Halloween but with a little one (our daughter will be two in less than two months), I feel like I have a renewed excitement around every single holiday.

This wall quilt was created in just a few evenings. It’s a fun way to use up some Halloween themed/coloured fabric scraps. And I got to use a lot of great features on my Janome Skyline S9.

My whole project started with this beautiful batik from my local Janome store. I adore the gradient in this fabric.


I cut the background to the dimension I wanted for my wall quilt and then made a quilt sandwich using wool batting and a solid print for the backing. I used the Janome Acufeed Flex  Foot for some straight stitch quilting.


First, I sketched out on paper what I had in my head for an idea for this wall quilt. With that in mind, I searched for some free clipart silhouettes to make my design.

I used a double sided interfacing to attach each of my pieces to the wall quilt. And then I used an appliqué stitch to secure.


On the Janome Skyline S9, I used appliqué stitch #1 and Janome satin stitch foot F.



Once I had all my appliqué completed, I wanted to add just a little something more to that middle part of the quilt. I thought about appliquéing on some words but then I remembered  how versatile the Janome Skyline S9 is so I decided to use the embroidery feature!


In setting up my machine, I used some pre-wound bobbins from Janome. Raise your hand if you LOVEEEE winding bobbins?! (Not!) I need to get some of these in white as well. Pre-wound bobbins are so handy.

Next I hooped my fabric.


I decided to embroider “Happy halloween” with Halloween being slightly offset from Happy – so I did the Happy part first. All of this was set up using the Janome AcuEdit app which is super easy to use.


Next I prepped “halloween.” First I set it up in the Janome AcuEdit app, then I used the Janome AcuSetter app to position it just right.


I love how easy this is to use and you get such precision. I took a photo of my project in the hoop. You align it so all the markings fit just so, but then you can make slight adjustments by using your finger to fine-tune the matching up of the little marks in the corner. Genius!


After you have everything positioned the way you want it, you send it over to the Janome Skyline S9 via wifi, press Start and voila!


I added a few more embellishments to my wall quilt by using the Janome free motion quilting foot. This included some detail to the pumpkins, a little thread painting to the stems and some whiskers for the halloween black cat.


And one other little detail that isn’t sewing related but was a lot of fun. I didn’t have fabric that fit perfectly for my full moon so I painted some grey fabric and I’m super happy with how it turned out. Nice and eerie! I used an acrylic paint and fabric medium that you mix in and set with heat when dry.


Such a fun project!


Even my husband was excited for us to hang this up!

Do you do any Halloween sewing projects? Have you started them yet? Do you still dress up for Halloween? (Help me out, I’m debating whether to dress up with my daughter).

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2 Responses to Halloween Wall Quilt

  1. June Jelly says:

    Thank you for this. I didn’t realise you could put a quilt sandwich in the hoop and embroider. I must try that! ( I’d have assumed I’d need to embroider a separate piece and appliqué on) I love discovering new possibilities 😊

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  2. Susie Walsh Mercer says:

    Great project…so much fun to wing it and design for yourself! And of course! You must dress up! Duh!

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