ITH Poofy Zip Pouch

I want to share with you a quick little pouch I whipped up with my new Janome 550E Embroidery Machine! If you have a Bluprint membership, you’ll be able to make this cute little project too.  Click here to find the project on Bluprint. It’s another great way to dip your toes into the world of In-The-Hoop projects.  It uses supplies that many of us have hanging around, like a zipper, some vinyl scraps and thread. I also wanted to stitch out one of our new sashiko designs that fit into our largest hoop, the RE36b. It’s 200 x 360mm!

file8 (2)

This sashiko design is so pretty. It is done in two parts, so you can use contrasting threads if you like.

I stitched out the sashiko design first, because I wanted to “dress up” some relatively plain purple vinyl. I love how the clips on the RE36 hoop work. You can tighten them halfway, which is really nice when working with more slippery fabrics. I didn’t hoop my vinyl, instead just floated it on top of the Madeira tear away stabilizer I used.

file6 (2)

Sashiko design stitched out in 1 color.

Once I had the backing fabric ready, I hooped another piece of Madeira stabilizer for the ITH design. It has you starting out with the zipper placement, which is quite nice and simple.

file7 (2)

Washi tape is excellent for tacking zips and vinyl in your hoop. It has just enough stickyness to anchor it without leaving adhesive behind.

It really is helpful to use a longer zipper than the project requires. Then you won’t accidentally sew over the tab at the end of the zipper (Ask me how I know…. lol). Once the zipper is secure, you can add the front vinyl pieces one at a time. It uses a stitch and flip method so that the vinyl pieces are straight and finished in two steps.

file4 (2)

Anchoring stitch for the right side piece.

file5 (2)

Both sides are top-stitched! I double stitched the stitching lines to make them stand out more.

Once your front pieces are secure, make sure to open up your zipper a few inches. This way once it’s all done you can turn your pouch right side out. I stitched the final stitching, which finishes the construction of the zippered pouch. When trimming, make sure to leave approx 1/4″ seam allowance and trim the corners so they don’t bunch up once it’s turned. Voila, all done! You can add a cute little charm to the zipper or a scrap of ribbon to make a pull if you like. I can see making a ton of these out of all kinds of different scraps of vinyl and fabric. They will be good to have on hand for thank you’s or hostess gifts out of all kinds of different scraps.

file2 (2)file1 (2)file (2)

It’s super handy to stitch out any quilting or sashiko designs that are on your embroidery machine. It adds dimension and movement to an otherwise plain fabric, plus can also serve as a visual catalog for the designs available on your machine. Thanks for following along with me today! If you want to see more of what I am up to, you can follow me on Instagram with my new handle, @janome_girl.

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