Monster mayhem with Madeira and the new Janome Memory Craft 550E

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard that Janome has once again outdone themselves with the recent release of the fabulous new Janome Memory Craft 550E embroidery machine – with the astonishingly BIG 14.2 x 7.9 inch (360 x 200mm) RE36b embroidery hoop! The machine is an updated version of the widely successful Janome MC 500E with some exciting new features.

Along with the BIG new hoop, BIG new extension table, improved LED lighting, and improved needle threader, the new Janome Memory Craft 550E comes with 20 NEW embroidery designs! There’s so many beautiful designs from which to choose, but so far my favourites have to be the adorable little monsters, which are a terrific, easy beginner in-the-hoop (ITH) project, as well.




With a face that any mother could love, there’s 3 different Monster designs to stitch in the hoop, then trim, flip and stuff. Sew quick and easy – and CUTE!

IMG_4746 (2)

I used the Janome Memory Craft 550E’s editing capabilities to change the size and flip the design on some of them to create diversity. As you can see, I easily got carried away with making these and decided to make a whole family in the rainbow colours. I used flannel, but had a hard time finding any flannel in orange, so craft felt worked just fine in a pinch. Choose any fabric you wish!

I used Madeira’s Cotton Soft Tear Away Premium Stabilizer on the back.  Janome Canada is now the exclusive Canadian distributor of Madeira’s product line.


It’s become my new favourite, go-to tear away stabilizer as it’s strong, yet soft , and easy to tear – AND, it’s the perfect width for the fabulous new RE36b 14.2 x 7.9 inch hoop of the Janome MC 550E!  I simply lay my outer hoop down on top of my roll of stabilizer and cut with an extra inch or so to spare, so I know I’ll have enough when I hoop it.

IMG_4624 (2)

Check with your local Janome or Elna Canada dealer to inquire if they’re carrying Madeira’s fabulous array of threads and stabilizers. Click on this link for previous Janome Life posts to learn more about the full range of Madeira Stabilizers.

Since the embroidery fill of the eyes and mouth were so dense with stitches, I decided to use a second layer of stabilizer just across the face. It worked beautifully as you can see in the monster on the left. There is NO distortion of the fabric or stabilizer. The white monster on the right was the first one I stitched, but didn’t use the extra layer of stabilizer, and you can see the distortion of the fabric and stabilizer around the dense stitching, which is why I opted for the second layer for the others. Don’t worry though, the extra layer of Madeira Cotton Soft Tear Away Premium Stabilizer did not add any extra heaviness or thickness to the monsters, and both layers were easy to tear away after stitching.

IMG_4634 (2)


I had SUCH a great time stitching this adorable rainbow family of diversity, which is proudly Canadian, too! To add to the fun, I listened to a song which had that colour sung in the lyrics and I recorded a quick video for each. Click on the linking to view all 9 videos on my new Janomeman aka Michael Smith You Tube Channel! You’ll be dancing around your sewing room! lol!

Happy Sewing!




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  1. Mary Beth says:

    Very Cute! Love them. Mary Beth A Stitch In Time Leamington


  2. Kim Jamieson-Hirst says:

    Great job, Michael! I love that you created them in different colours – and the videos are hilarious!


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