Embroidery on the Janome Skyline S9

Ever wonder if you’ll be able to fully tap into all the features of a new sewing machine?

Since getting the Janome Skyline S9 back in April, I’ve had so much fun exploring all the different features. 300 built-in stitches, 3 different alphabet designs. Plenty of throat space for quilting. But, of course, I was most excited to use the embroidery features.

It has been really easy to just wade into the world of embroidery machines and just have fun. And whenever I’ve had a question, whether it be about set-up, thread, feet, or even  stabilizers and which one to use with which fabric, my local quilt shop has been a fantastic resource.

This file which I downloaded and imported into the machine was one of the first ones I tried. Who doesn’t love a llama?!


Actually this little project sums up how I’ve found machine :embroidery. It’s been… no problem llama! 😀

To get started with machine embroidery on the Janome Skyline S9, you can download any 1 of the 300 built in designs on the machine, or others that you can find online (or even make yourself – there are tutorials here on the Janome Life blog that go into more detail on that – visit here and here for an adorable embroidered sleep mask project).

This customized wall hanging is just one of the many pieces I’ve made using the Janome Skyline S9.

I downloaded the file I wanted to use and then transferred it to the Janome Skyline S9 using the wifi capability.

From there, using the Janome AcuEdit app, I can customize my projects.




Sometimes I over-complicate things. I was hanging on to this and going back and forth about whether it would be part of a quilt or some kind of wall hanging. But with the addition of a simple IKEA frame, I was really excited to hang this up recently.

IMG_7214 3-2

By far, one of my favourite things to embroider right now is towels. They are a wonderful way to add some personality to an otherwise basic household item that you reach for every day.

We need to use good stabilizer here. For this project, I used a medium underneath and a lightweight on top – preferably a water soluble stabilizer or one that tears away easily.

Have you tried Madeira stabilizers which are now distributed by Janome Canada? They have a wonderful sampler pack of all the Madeira stabilizers so you can try them all out and see which ones work for your sewing and embroidery needs.  Then you can buy in a larger quantity like a small roll. Contact your local Janome or Elna Canada Dealer to find out if they are going to be stocking Madeira stabilizers. (Ed) 

I set up everything using the Janome apps: Janome AcuEdit to bring in my design. And then Janome AcuSetter to make sure my design is perfectly lined up on my towel (no more struggling to have to have my towel absolutely perfectly lined up in the hoop).

IMG_7274 2-2

Once you take a snapshot of your hoop and line up the marks in the corners, it imports your design from AcuEdit and you can make subtle shifts to be perfectly ready to go.


And then the top of my hoop sandwich – the lightweight stabilizer. When you are embroidering towels, you need something to ensure that your stitches don’t get lost in the loops of your towel. This lightweight stabilizer does that without adding bulk. I lay mine on top and just watch it carefully as the first few stitches are set down to make sure it doesn’t shift. Once it’s tacked down, it’s not going anywhere.


And then we wait and let the machine work its magic…

IMG_7277 2-2

The detail on the screen of the Janome Skyline S9 lets me know exactly where I am in the embroidery process; what is next and how long the whole design will take.


I love watching the whole process unfold.


And once you are done you can peel off the top stabilizer and remove the towel from the hoop!


This towel is so cute, I almost don’t want to use it!


Have you done machine embroidery?

What kind of projects have you made with your Janome embroidery machine?

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