Attaching Presser Feet on the Janome MC9450 and other similar JANOME models


There’s something that all sewing machines have: presser feet. The Janome MC9450 has lots and lots of presser feet, really one for any type of sewing you might do with this machine. These feet attach to the machine to use, of course, but some of them attach a little bit differently than the others and I’ve noticed that some sewists struggle to get these feet properly attached to the Janome MC9450. In this blog post, I’m going to examine the various types of presser feet and how they attach to the Janome MC9450 so you’ll never have to struggle again.

Janome MC9450 stitching - 1

I’ve divided the presser feet into 4 categories:

  1. those that use the “regular” foot holder
  2. those that are permanently attached to their own foot holder
  3. those that use the AcuFeed Flex system
  4. those that are used for darning

Let’s consider each category. First, the majority of the feet included with the Janome MC9450 will use what I call the “regular” foot holder. Feet can be attached and detached from this foot holder by pressing in the black button at the back of the foot holder.

Version 2

Some of the feet that are permanently attached to a foot holder include the HP foot and the Ruler Work foot. It’s easy to identify these feet as they are already on a foot holder, so can’t be detached to use the regular foot holder. They are all silver in colour.

Version 3

There are two feet that come with the Janome MC9450 that use the AcuFeed Flex System: the AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade foot HP2 and the Dual Feed foot AD. There are other optional feet that can be purchased and they attach to the Janome MC9450 in a similar way.  These feet are easy to identify as they are wider and you might call them “walking feet”. They are different from the other feet in how they attach to the Janome MC9450 and these are the feet that I think some sewists struggle with trying to attach them on the machine.

HP2 Foot - 1

In the last category are the two PD-H darning feet (closed-toe and open-toe) that come with the Janome MC9450. These feet also are permanently attached to their foot holders, but they have a straight bar that is on one side of the foot and that must rest on top of the needle clamp screw (what I call the needle bar) when attaching it to the Janome MC9450.

PD-H Darning Feet - 1

It’s difficult to explain how each of these feet properly attaches to the Janome MC9450, so I’ve created a video so you can see exactly how to do this properly for all of these types of feet. Click here to view this video.

YT Thumbnail Attaching Presser Feet to 9450

I hope that this information helps you to attach your presser feet to your Janome MC9450 properly. And don’t forget to tighten that set screw!

If you have the same or similar feet for your Janome machine (which may not be a Janome MC9450), this information and video will still apply to you – Janome feet all attach in a very similar way. Ed.

Happy creating from Kim Jamieson-Hirst, a Janome Canada Artisan in Calgary, Alberta.

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