Very cute, fun and kid friendly embroidered apron Project.

Yes, I know , we live in Canada and we already had our Thanksgiving back last month in October. However, this video Tutorial project is SO cute and informative that I figured we could definitely use it and possibly make the apron for Christmas instead? You eat turkey at Christmas too, don’t you?  And would it not be a cool holiday project to do together with some of the special kids in our lives?   And, of course, this is not too late for Thanksgiving in the USA!

The project was made using our Janome AcuSketch App and then embroidered on our Janome MC550E  

This is another wonderful video project tutorial from Kimberly Einmo, National spokesperson for Janome America. She works together with KK showing just how easy and kid friendly it is to sketch a design on our Janome AcuSketch App and then stitch it onto an apron with the Janome MC550E . Here is the link to the video. 

And you might remember I did a very similar thing with my little 9 year old grand-daughter earlier this year  – she was actually only 8 years old then. She drew a picture of a fish, traced over that in AcuSketch app and then embroidered it on the Janome MC15000 and turned that embroidery into a cuddly pillow for her bed!  Here is the link to that post if you missed it. 

Have you tried out our Janome AcuSketch App? It is not just for the Janome Mc15000….it can be used with ANY of our Janome embroidery machines!

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