ARTISTIC DIGITIZER : Layer and edit shapes.


Digitizing with the built in shapes can sometimes be easier than using the auto digitizing features of Artistic Digitizer.  I want to create a simple egg shaped face.  When I told the program to use the vector drawing I had on my computer,  the results were not what I expected.  The image was not clear enough for the program to convert it into a stitch file.

egg not clear

Image not clear enoughSince this little face is easy enough to manual punch, I decided to use the shape tools to create a similar look.

Open the program and select the ‘create new’ option from the opening screen.  The worktable will open with a blank area so you can draw your own design.  Since this is simple enough I can just use the shape tools to create it without having to trace the image.  Click on the shapes tool icon on the toolbar at the left and then select the ‘ellipse’ shape from the fly out menu.

shapes ellipse

Move the cursor over to the worktable area and click/hold/drag/release a shape onto the area.   Click on the selection tool slection tooland then click on the shape to select it.  Now use the paint bucket to color the egg the shape you want and remove the outline edge stitch by clicking on the X next tot he pencil in the lower left side of the screen.

color tools delete outline

colored egg

With the design selected, click on the fill properties on the right side of the screen and select a textured fill stitch for the shape.pattern fill

NOTE:  You may need to zoom in to see the pattern fill on your shape.  Pattern/textured stitches always show up better on light colored stitch objects.

zoom texture

Zoom in to see texture stitches

Continue building your design using the shapes layering the objects one on top of the other and coloring them so they stand out in contrast to the background stitches.  Make your design as silly as you wish.

egg silly

Notice how the layers applied automatically removed layers underneath to reduce the bulk in the layers of stitches.  This is an auto setting in Artistic Digitizer and can be seen at the bottom of the properties box on the right side of the screen.

egg hole sewing


remove overlap setting

Spend time creating designs by using the easy shape tools built into the Artistic Digitizer program.  You may choose to bring in an image into the background to use the shapes or simply create playing with shapes only.





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2 Responses to ARTISTIC DIGITIZER : Layer and edit shapes.

  1. Candy Gill says:

    I really appreciate the detailed explanation for exactly how you made your design on artistic digitizer. I would love to see more explanations for this software. Things like bringing in designs from the 15000 or embroidery files to combine and/or modify with this program. I’m also interested in the possibility of making a design appliqué. I read and study all your articles. Thank you!


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Candy,

      We will definitely see what we can do to to publish more blog posts on the Artistic Digitizer embroidery software. Janome girl is already working on more posts. And Janomeman is coming up with more Horizon Link Suite posts.
      In addition, I am quite sure we will be offering more Consumer seminars in the New Year, one of them is sure to be on Artistic Digitizer – possibly a 2-3 day seminar. Watch our Janomelife posts as we will announce these when we have all the dates and topics set up.



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