What’s going to be under your tree this Christmas?

Do you love to use your Janome presser feet whether they are feet and attachments which came included with your Janome machine or are optional accessories? Then you may well want to add some to your Christmas Wish List to find under your tree on Christmas morning? 

Not sure which ones you want? Here is a link to our Accessory catalogue

http://www.janome.ca/siteassets/learn/accessory-guide-bilingual.pdf AND Did you know that Janome offers a series of workbooks and addendums to understand and operate our machine feet and accessories to the max? Please see info below on what is available for you to purchase so that you can use your Janome machines and accessories with ease. All of these workbooks are available from your local Janome Canada Dealer. But hurry as they won’t last long during this holiday season! 


Janome Presser Foot Workbook

The Janome Accessory Presser Foot Workbook: This fully illustrated book will give you a comprehensive overview of Janome’s presser feet. It is written in an easy-to-follow lesson format and includes helpful hints throughout its contents. Janome is sure that this book will be a useful tool for beginner to advanced sewers. The Presser Foot Workbook comes with pages that are bound in a 3 ring binder with a cover page and spine inserts. This workbook contains helpful information on the following: 
Blind Hem Foot G
Button Sewing Foot T
Automatic Buttonhole foot R
Even Feed Foot
Overedge Foot M
Rolled Hem Foot D
Satin Stitch Foot F
Zig-zag Foot A
Zipper Foot E

There are several addendums to the presser foot Workbook which are all available separately as we know you may or may not own the applicable Janome Machine models compatible with these feet – so we sell them separately so you can choose the ones applicable to your needs. Janome Presser Foot Workbook Binders and Guides Addendum

The Presser Foot Workbook Binders and Guides addendum. 56 pages on all the optional accessories that deal with bindings and sewing guides. *Binder not included. This is an addendum and is printed and sold in a cellophane package with the intention you will add it to the Presser foot Workbook binder or another binder of your choice. 
This workbook contains helpful information on these accessories:
Binder Feet
Binder Attachment
Border Guide Foot FB
Clear View 1/4″ Foot OM
Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set OV
Edge Guide Foot SE
1/4 Inch Seam Foot O
Rotary Even Foot
Sliding Guide Foot SG

 Janome Coverpro Accessories Workbook Addendum
The Janome Coverpro Accessories Addendum is another supplement to the Presser foot Workbook.  This Coverpro Accessories addendum contains 21 pages filled with information on accessories used your Coverpro machine. Learn everything you need to know to sew like a pro on your Coverpro. 
Center Guide Foot
Clear View Cover Stitch Foot
Elastic Gathering Attachment
Hem Guide Type 1
Hem Guide Type 2
Adjustable Seam Guide
Tape Binder Set
*Please note – This is an addendum. Binder not included.

Presser Foot Workbook Free Motion Quilting Addendum

This addendum or supplement to the Janome Presser Foot Workbook covers multiple free motion feet and options for every Janome sewing machine. This addendum includes 35 additional pages meant to be added to the original Presser Foot Workbook with information on all the optional and standard accessories you would use for free motion sewing and quilting across the spectrum of machines in the Janome machine line up. Written in an easy to follow lesson format with tips and color pictures, it is full of information to help you choose the best tools and techniques to make your creativity shine.
This workbook contains helpful information on these accessories:
Convertible Free Motion Feet:
QB-L (Low Shank), QB-H (High Shank), QB-S (9mm)
Darning Foot PD-H
Free Motion Couching Foot Set
Low Tension Bobbin Holder
Ruler Work Foot QR For Horizon Memory Craft 15000
Snap On Free Motion Feet

Janome Specialty Feet Workbook Addendum
Janome’s Specialty Presser Foot Workbook is a supplement to Janome’s Presser Feet Workbook. This specialty foot addendum contains 77 pages filled with information on standard and optional accessories used in specialty sewing and quilting Learn everything you need to know to sew and quilt like a professional on your Janome Machine.
This workbook contains helpful information on these accessories:
3-Way Cording Foot H
Appliqué Foot AP
Beading Foot Narrow Groove L1 and Wide Groove L2
Buttonhole Stabilizer Plate
Circular Sewing Attachment
Concealed Zipper Foot Z
Flower Stitching Attachment
Fringe foot
Gathering Foot V
Pintucking Foot Wide N1 and Narrow N2 and Pintucking Cord Guides
Piping Foot l
Ribbon/Sequin Foot RS
Ribbon Sewing Guide
Roller Foot
Ruffler Attachment RF
Straight Stitch Foot ST
Transparent Buttonhole Foot B
Ultraglide Foot U and Ultraglide Needle Plate
Zipper Foot – Adjustable Narrow Base
*Please note – This is an addendum, Binder not included.

There is a NEW workbook for the optional accessory presser feet suitable for the Janome Air Thread serger – our AT2000D.  

If you already have a workbook, you may order any of the the addendums. If you do not have any of these binders, You may wish to purchase the binder shown at the top of this post and then add to it any addendums you require. Please note that all of these documents are in English only. There are also many pictures that clearly illustrate the operation to be performed.

There is also a NEW workbook for the Janome MC9450. This covers much more than the presser feet for this machine but I wanted to mention that it is now in stock in Canada. Many of you have asked and we unfortunately had to wait as the first shipment was sold out. The Education Dept did not get one before they sold out hence I dont have a photo here BUT I’m happy to let you know that more of these workbooks will be arriving very soon so you might wnat to add it to your wish list and ask your local Janome Dealer to be sure that Santa has one to put under your tree!  

Visit any Authorized Janome dealer in your area to order these Janome workbooks and addendums.

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5 Responses to What’s going to be under your tree this Christmas?

  1. Katherine Quinn says:

    I already purchased the binder and have wished there was info on all the feet for my Janome 9400. I have the update on my machine making it comparable to the 9450. If I purchase all these can the feet listed in them be used on my machine.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Katherine,

      Which binder did you buy? the Presser foot workbook or the Workbook for Mc9450? (the latter is pretty new. I do not even have my Education copy yet). Yes, you are correct, the upgrade to the MC9400 makes it almost equivalent to the MC9450. Not sure what feet you refer to when you say “if I purchase all these”? If you mean all the Presser feet work book addendums? No, some are for our coverhem machines or sergers so those feet would not be compatible with your MC9400. But any feet which are for 9mm wide high shank machine models will be compatible with your MC9400/upgraded to MC9450.
      Hope that answers your query.



  2. Margaret says:

    I have a Janome Horizon 7700, which I purchased about 8 yrs ago, and would love to acquire a workbook for it! Is the info in your “Presser Foot Workbook” applicable to my machine?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi margaret,

      Yes it is applicable. Your Jnaome MC7700 is a 7mm wide stitch model and high shank. Most of our presser feet are available for both 7mm and 9mm wide models. There is no workbook specifically on the MC7700 but the Presser foot workbook applies.



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