Is your Christmas Wish List ready?

We published this Janome Holiday flyer last month but in case you missed it, here it is again…….we strongly recommend you get your Christmas Wish list ready real soon if you want Santa to bring your favorite sewing goodies this Christmas! Your local Janome Canada Dealer will be happy to answer your questions, show you these holiday specials and order anything you might need in time for Christmas. But hurry as there are just 17 shopping days left!!

I know a special little girl who asked that Santa please bring her a sewing machine just like her Nanna’s. She stipulated clearly it was not to be a toy, “I want a real sewing machine so please make sure Santa knows which one I want!” Do you have special little people who are venturing into the world of sewing and who deserve a Janome sewing machine to enable them to realize their creativity? I sure do and I just cannot wait to see her little 9 year old face shine with joy as she opens the box of her first very own REAL sewing machine – a Janome, of course! I The joy of showing her all the cool features and feet awaits……… It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here!

Maybe you already have the Janome sewing machine of your dreams?   But possibly it is time to consider that serger or coverhem machine you have been thinking about?


OR possibly you need some optional feet and/or the Janome Presser foot Workbook?

OR one or both of our Janome Sew Comfortable cushions?

What about a Madeira thread chest packed full of what we like to call sewing “candy”? Or one of our many Madeira thread sets?

We have a whole range of Janome, Madeira and Hilos Iris Thread boxes and chests like the ones above – in cotton and polyester thread types – for quilting, sewing and embroidery.

What about one of our Daylight lamps to make your sewing bright on these dark winter days…..we have a whole range of these fabulous lights.

These incredibly comfortable Arrow sewing chairs are hydraulic and will have you “scooting” around your sewing room in style and comfort…….and I just LOVE the “secret” storage compartment in the seat plus the range of fabric colours and styles to choose from. You will hardly know which one to choose!

We are now stocking the really well made and pre-assembled sewing cabinets from Kangaroo – we even include the cutest little Kangaroo stuffie! We have a whole range of these Kangaroo cabinets with various configurations and nifty storage options…….ask your local Janome Canada Dealer for more information.

SEW much to see….SEW much to sew…..SEW much for Santa to bring! See your local Janome Canada dealer for help in choosing the perfect gift.

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