Kangaroo cabinets available at your Janome Canada Dealer

Have you been a very good girl (or boy) this year? Then perhaps you deserve to have one of the fabulous Kangaroo sewing cabinets that Janome Canada is now distributing through our Janome and Elna dealers in Canada.

These cabinets are made to a very high standard – many consumers who saw them debut at the Fall Creativ in Toronto commented on how the finsih was a very good quality.

There is a whole range of different designs and storage options for your sewing equipment and supplies. The insert to go around your specific machine is ordered once you decide to purchase the cabinet. And some of the cabinets have a wonderful Hydrolic system. Others have a manual system to raise or lower your machine into the cabinet. It is incredible how they fold up and wheel closed into a small foot print for easy storage until you next wish to sew ……or leave open if you like to be ready to go at any time!

One thing that was a HUGE plus in my opinion is that these cabinets come PRE-ASSEMBLED. I do not enjoy the hours of frustration and hard work it takes to put some brands of furniture togther after you get it home. NO such issue – here. Just unwrap the protectivepackaging and there it is ready to use! These cabinets even have wheels so we have simply wheeled them out to customer’s cars and loaded them up when we have had them on display at shows and stores.

The cherry on top may well be the cutest little Kangaroo stuffie which comes tucked in one of the drawers of each cabinet……no kidding! We were asked many times at the Fall Creativ if we were selling the Kangaroos. No, sorry, but you get one free if you buy the cabinet!

Please ask your local Janome Canada dealer to give you more information.

About Janome Canada

For over 100 years, Janome has been the brand of choice for sewing, embroidery, longarm quilting, sergers, coverhem machines - and MORE! Our Janome Canada head office; our Janome HQ, is the Janome Sewing and Learning Centre in Oakville, ON. Be sure to follow us here on Janome Life blog, as well as our other Janome Canada social media so you get the most from your Janome machine! @janomehq @janomecanada Janome HQ Facebook, Janome Canada Facebook Janome HQ You Tube channel, Janome Life You Tube channel
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  1. Hi Liz! I remember reading on this post awhile back that there were going to be seminars on the MC15000 across Canada. I live in Calgary and am on the Sewing World email distribution list and haven’t seen anything about this? Do you know if I missed it or is it scheduled for 2020?

    Thanks so much! I really enjoy reading your posts. Excellent! Gale Molle

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    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Gale,

      I don’t think we positively committed to seminars across Canada. I believe what I said was that is might be a future possibility. You would probably not see anything on the Sewing World distribution list unless your local dealer decided to include information about our future seminars. I included our dealers in the one held last month and asked them to let their MC15000 customers know about the seminar. I do not think very many passed on the information so I think you may have to rely on our janomelife blog and our Instagram and Facebook pages for announcements of upcoming seminars.
      You have not missed anything yet as we are still discussing our 2020 schedule. Please note that we cannot promise that there will be seminars out West but I will try to see if this can be arranged. It would mean we would have to use a Conference facility or hotel meeting room and the pricing will, in all likelihood, be quite a bit higher than when we hold these seminars here in Oakville, Ontario at our Education Centre. So we would have to assess the feasibility of holding the seminars elsewhere. We have only had one seminar so far and it was a big success. The customers who attended were very pleased with what they learned.

      Glad you like the posts! Stay tuned.



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