Holiday Hostess Gifts

‘Tis the season of family and friends. This time of year is busy and it goes by in a flash. I love get togethers and especially hosting but I also love the simplicity of being a guest. I recognize the amount of work that goes into hosting and so I never like to show up empty handed. Bringing a dish to contribute, a bottle of wine or other item that the host/hostess will enjoy is a must, and lately I’ve been adding these personalized tea towels to my list.


These are a fun and unique gift that I can quickly make on my Janome Skyline S9.

You can find plain tea towels at a number of different stores. I like to buy something that has a nice feel to it and are a good quality. While embroidered towels may or may not end up being used (I tend to just put mine out for decoration), buy something that could be used and laundered. The cheaper ones just don’t seem to hold up that well and in my experience, the thinner ones are harder to embroider.

I wash my tea towels first. They are made of cotton and they will shrink. Better to pre-shrink them before they are embroidered.

Next, pick out your design. There are so many options on the Janome Skyline S9. And, you can also make up your own sayings. This was a fun one I made for my brother who recently moved into his own place.


It did get a laugh from him when he received it.


And this was another one I made as a hostess gift for a friend of mine who had us over for Christmas treats.


I love how easy it is to set up a new design on the Janome Skyline S9. Just create your design, open it in the AcuEditor and customize, then send to the AcuSetter App to make your final adjustments.


My two-year old daughter loves it when there’s an embroidery project on the go. She loves to watch the machine (from a safe distance, of course). And because you can just set it and let it do it’s thing, she likes to “dance” to the sound of the machine working (which, of course, she tells me I have to join in on!) and then tells it to “go faster, go faster!!” at which point we have to dance faster and faster. So basically embroidering towels is a good workout for me!

Sorry – no video of that. Haha.


These were ready in just an hour and a bit.


Of course, there are plenty of ways to make this customized to any New Year’s Eve and Day gatherings you might have on your calendar.

Did you do any sewing over the holidays? Do you make gifts? What was your go-to handmade gift this year?

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