NEW Janome Sew Comfortable rulers and templates and more

May your 2020 be full of health, happiness and LOTS of creative sewing fun!!

Remember our Sew Comfortable Janome cushions? Featured here previously on janomelife I have been using mine all of 2019 and I really do not think I could do without them. Love them both for COMFORTABLE sewing.

But wait……..there is more!!!  Check out this short video overview.

YAY!!!! ……a whole range of Janome Sew Comfortable rulers, templates and quilting aids have recently arrived in our warehouse. There are rulers/templates for rulerwork quilting including the thicker ones you need for longarm quilting machines, templates for cutting quilting blocks and shapes; as well as paddles, hoops and more.

We can’t show this all in one post as there are just too many wonderful goodies but we will feature them in the weeks and months ahead. But your local Janome Dealer will be able to tell you more and order any you think you need right away. Our Janome Canada Ed team thinks we need them all?! We are excited to be currently trying them out and letting you know what we can do with them and what we discover along the way. See below for a start on this journey of discovery.

The Foot control mat or pedal pad. Non-slip so your foot control won’t “run away”from you. It is a good size of 10×14 inches.

This Part # JA-PALM will be a hit with any quilter who is not fond of wearing gloves when quilting. The underside of these palm paddles is non-slip so it “grips” the fabric of the quilt and allows for effortless moving of your quilt as you free motion quilt. (I flipped the one over so the non-slip surface is visible)

Our Sew Comfortable range also offers a larger version of quilting paddles – left and right of the area being quilted. The underside has the same non slip surface as well as detachable round black handles for holding onto the paddles.

This set of quilting paddles (above) Part # JA-PDL helps you to easily keep the quilting area flat for sit down quilting machines as well as on domestic sewing machines. It is also very useful for stitching in the ditch.

For those who prefer a quilting hoop, this package includes 2 sizes: an 8 and 11 inch hoop. Both have a divet to easily pop the hoop under the needle and get quilting! There are little detachable handles to faciliate holding the hoop should this be needed. Part # for this set of hoops is JA-FM08-11

So our Sew Comfortable range of quilting and sewing accessories offers lots of great options. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of what is available NOW through your Janome Canada dealers. Might be wise to make a note of the applicable part #’s so your dealer can order in the exact thing you want if they do not already have it in stock.

Much more to come…….. We have a wide range of longarm quilting rulers/templates as well as more rulers/template for ruler quilting on a regular/domestic sewing machine and a range of great non-slip templates for cutting your quilting fabric shapes.

Stay tuned for loads of sewing and quilting info during 2020. Did you know that Janomelife has been publishing sewing and Janome related creative posts for almost 12 years – most weeks there are at least 2-3 posts and often more than that. And did you know that you can search the archives of Janomelife to retrieve plenty good info as our posts are stored for future reference.

Have you followed us? Please do and you will get useful and informative sewing info. delivered several times per week right into your email box??? Follow us in the appropriate box to the right of this Janomelife screen. I always tell Janome customers that you can just press delete if it is a topic that does not interest you BUT you can pop the kettle on to make a cuppa and then sit down to read the posts that you find interesting. We try to give you a mix of machine and accessory info, project ideas, embroidery and software info all wrapped up in plenty Janome learning. Some of our posts contain video’s too.

Have  a wonderful Janomelife year!!

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  1. Nancy Cawood says:

    I have been looking for these products and very excited that Janome has them. I know what I am using my Christmas gift certificate for!


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