The bow tie has become the emblem of the fight against prostate cancer in Quebec . This knot was created by the Canadian designer Philippe Dubuc in order to fight cancer with ‘STYLE’.

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We love our Janome sewing machines for sewing, creating and quilting……..With our Janome AcuDesign App, specifically the Hipster Style Collection 04, you will find a cute little bow tie design.


This design stitches out very quickly and if you have Embroidery software – Like our Janome Digitizer MBX or Artistic Digitizer, it is possible and easy to edit the design to create other stitch-out options. Here we used Janome Digitizer MBX V5.5 for the editing.


  • Open design > copy & paste > scroll down and delete the green object 
Noeud 1
  • This design is stitches quickly as it is running stitches. You may use as is BUT if you have Embroidery software, it is possible and easy to select scetions of the design and convert to a satin stitch instead of the running stitch we had before. This way you would be preparing to make an applique-in-the-hoop. See below.
  • Then simply copy/paste > invert vertically >position on the left side of the bow tie 
Noeud 2
  • Select the centre part and digitize this part too as a satin stitch.
  • Then select the 3 objects and remove the overlapping parts using the Remove overlap function.  
  • Save the design and embroider as an applique!
2 noeuds

Here are two versions of the Janome bow tie!

Are you having fun with your embroidery software?

Post written by Celine over on Vie Janome blog. Translated and edited by Liz for janomelife.

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