Apparel sewing for littles


I love apparel sewing. It’s been something I’ve consciously said I will spend more time on this year (a new year’s resolution, of sorts, I guess). As I have said many times, I love the idea of curating a handmade wardrobe that is completely tailored to your apparel needs. That’s maybe not always the most practical or possible approach, but my goal this year is to definitely work on a few signature pieces that will be a focal point of my capsule wardrobe quest.

The same goes for making clothes for my daughter although toddler micro fashion has both pluses and minus. First of all, it takes less fabric and time than adult clothes making. But, the flip side of that is they also grow out of it faster (although I question whether that’s just for toddler clothes because we just came through the holidays: Did anyone else notice how their adult clothes seem to have shrunk in the dryer – asking for a friend).

When I find a pattern that I love, I generally make several versions of it for my daughter. This one was no exception.

The pattern I used for my daughter, Elliana’s most recent dress is the Wiksten Smock/Dress Pattern. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I picked a fabric she could wear to daycare that day, but also wouldn’t be a one-wear wonder.

IMG_0702 2

I have always said if there is anything I’m going to procrastinate on when it comes to sewing, it is always the cutting out part of the project. I don’t know what it is, but it is just not my favourite part. Who else is with me on this? Or do you love it? If so, PLEASE, give me your tips for making this part of the process more enjoyable.

This dress came together really quickly. There are actually only six pieces to it in total. Three pieces make up the body of the dress, the bias to finish the neckline, sleeves and of course, pockets. Elliana is all about pockets these days and this dress does not disappoint.

There are several different Janome Feet out there to use to get really top-notch edging, whether you are doing apparel sewing, tote bags, or anything else you might dream up. A while back on the blog, Janomeman profiled the Edge Guide Foot in the Foot of the Month Series which is a great tool.

For this dress, I opted to use the Janome O Foot which came with my Janome Skyline S9 which is the 1/4 inch guide with the flange.


Particularly when I was topstitching the back seam of the dress, it made sure my line was beautifully neat and straight.


You’ll notice that I ended up adjusting my width of the stitch to make sure my turned edge was perfectly tacked down right at the very edge. The large screen on the Janome Skyline S9 makes these minor adjustments easy and quick.


I asked Elliana if she wanted to try on her new dress and she responded with an emphatic YES!


And then… she discovered the pockets!


What’s on your sewing machine right now?

Are you in the pockets or no pockets camp?

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  1. Chris Krause says:

    She is sooo cute…I’m looking forward to sewing apparel for grandkids someday! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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