Spotlight on Janome’s Horizon Link Suite software Part 3: Pattern Combo Tool

Continuing our series on Janome’s fabulous software program Horizon Link Suite, for the Janome MC 15000 Quiltmaker, (and versions 1 and 2 of the Janome MC15000), today’s topic is Pattern Combo Tool.

Horison link suite ebit combo

To review Part 1 and Part 2 on this series, click on the link HERE. You can also use the SEARCH box on the Janome Life main page and, be sure to sure to click the FOLLOW button there so you don’t miss a post!

When you click on Pattern Combo Tool, the main screen opens with a selection of stitch patterns typically used for “Applique”. They should look very familiar as they are all the applique stitches built-in to the Janome MC 15000 Version 1, 2 and Quiltmaker.

Pattern Combo Tool 1

Click on Ordinary Patterns at the top left and a pop-up window comes up with all the stitch categories built-in to the machine. I have Quilt selected so displayed is all the quilting stitch patterns in that category.

Pattern Combo 6

Pattern Combo 7

Pattern Combo Tool lets you combine the stitch patterns, including fonts, built-in to the machine into a sequential pattern which can be stitched out as one unit, or one big pattern. Up to 100 stitch patterns can be created in one line. The new pattern combinations can be sent to the machine either by direct cable connect, which comes included with the machine, or by USB memory stick. It’s much faster and easier creating quilt labels this way! Any of you who have attended some of my education events know that I initially bought my Janome MC 15000 (version 2) solely to embroider quilt labels!That’s how much of a big deal they are to me, lol!

The joy of using Horizon Link Suite is that you can use ALL the design and editing capabilities built-in to the sewing machine AWAY from the machine itself. Isn’t that amazing?!

Click on the icon at the top left of your screen and a pop-up window will open. Click Stitch Chart to see 3 pages of ALL the stitches and fonts for combining. (This is also in the back of your machine manual)

Red ArrowPattern Combo 3Pattern Combo 4Pattern Combo 5

Speaking of the manual, Page 64 -72 describes the steps of programming, editing, and saving a pattern combination while at the machine. If you happened to have lost the manual, or infamously, “the dog ate it,” you can download the Janome MC 15000 Quiltmaker manual from and/ or Many machine manuals can be found under the SUPPORT tab, MANUALS. There’s even a “Retired” section for older machines no longer in production. I found the manual for my very first little 28 year old entry level Janome machine in this section, so it’s worth having a look!

Support Manuals

When you open Pattern Combo Tool, click on the little blue question mark at the top right of your screen and you’ll see a built-in instruction manual, which, if you’re like me, you’ll want to print and put into a binder for easy reference later on. Horizon Link Suite; Pattern Combo Tool, is not a difficult program to learn and use; many just don’t use it often enough for it to really sink into the brain, so reading the manuals step-by-step really does help refresh the memory!

Pattern Combo 10

Basically, select the stitch patterns you want, from whatever category you want, in whatever Pattern Combo 11order you want, (up to 100!). I selected #4 from Play, #3 from Pictograph, #3 from Long and #22 from Play.

You can also choose any of the fonts built-in to the machine by selecting the Monogram tab across the top tool bar. Adjust the size of the letters; small, medium or large; adjust the spacing,; add symbols, or combine them with all the other stitches. It’s unlimited creativity at your fingertips!Pattern Combo 12

Another pretty amazing feature is that each of the chosen stitch patterns can be edited  separately, just as they can be on the machine. The shoe (one of my favourite stitch patterns, by the way) is selected (the little dots are under it and it’s highlighted in red) and you can see the default settings in the Adjust Window on the right. This is basically like the little UP arrow on your machine.

Pattern Combo 13

Here you can adjust the width, length, tension, etc. and reset to default if unhappy with the changes.

Click on the link HERE for Part 2 where I show the steps of saving designs to a USB flash drive in order to bring them into the machine.

Below is a photo of the newly created stitch pattern on my machine.


I could have taken the time while at the machine to select the little 3 hearts icon at the top left of the screen, which is the “Program Pattern Combination” button, and scrolled through each of the categories to create the same thing, but for me, it was faster and easier to do it while laying on the sofa with my laptop, and perhaps more convenient, too. I spend a lot of nights in hotels travelling for work and often don’t have access to my machine, but I can always be designing and creating on my laptop with Horizon Link Suite Pattern Combo Tool! With Janome, you always have SEW many options to do whatever works best for YOU!

As always, it pays to do a test stitch first to be sure you’re happy with the results. Note the piece of tearaway stabilizer under my fabric which helps support those decorative stitches. Save all your scraps from embroidering for this purpose!IMG_5419Join me next time when I’ll continue our Spotlight on Janome’s Horizon Link Suite, by delving into AcuFil Tool, which turns your embroidery machine into a QUILTING machine!

In the meanwhile, Happy Sewing!

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