Convert To Floral – New Feature for Artistic Digitizer 1.5

We recently got an update to Artistic Digitizer, which is our embroidery digitizing software. Today I want to tell you all about one of my favourites: Convert to Floral.

I can’t tell you in words how much I love this tool. It has so many options, it really is limitless. The uses for things created with Convert to Floral are also limitless. Like potpourri sachets for drawers, or gorgeous yokes on garments. I could go on and on. This is how to use it:

First open up Artistic Digitizer. Then go to Tools =>Clipart Libary =>Insert Clipart

Screenshot (517)

You can also draw your own shape using the Shapes tool. Once the Clipart Library opens, enter “heart” into the search bar at the bottom.

Screenshot (518)

Choose heart2, it’s the simplest shape for a heart in the libary.

The next thing to do is to click and drag your shape to your desired size. It can be tiny, or giant. It all depends on the size of your hoop and your imagination.

Screenshot (519)

When the shape reaches the size you want, just let go of the button and it will place it into the hoop.

After your shape is there, you can then center your design in the middle of your hoop. This is also a new feature, called Center to Hoop. It’s found under the exporting tool in the main toolbar.

Screenshot (520)

Do you see how there is a blue box around the heart? That means that you have the heart selected (this is what you want, don’t panic!). While it is still selected, find the Convert tool on the main toolbar. It’s right beside the export tool (which will say To MC15000 or whichever machine you plan to send the design to).

Screenshot (522)

Under Convert, click on “Create Floral”

The ‘Convert’ tool has a few options available, and for this exercise, I want you to choose Create Floral. This is going to open up a new box for you to make some more choices. (Stay tuned for later this week to see how Ambience Quilting works!)

Screenshot (523)

Create Floral library

This new box that opens allows you to choose any combination you wish of flowers and leaves, and there is even a bird or a butterfly you can choose! Make your choices, and then click Ok. You will be so amazed at what happens next.

Screenshot (524)

Voila! A totally random generation of your chosen flower and leaf. There are infinite combinations available, it will turn out different every time. Even if you enlarge the heart, it will automatically rearrange the layout to fit the shape best.

Screenshot (527)

Properties Sidebar

You can edit the type of fill, the number of times it branches off from the main stem (levels), how long you want the branches to be, how many curves, flowers etc. The possibilities for what you can make with this tool really has no limit. I just really, really love it. One day I want to make a table runner just with different combinations of the flowers and vines.

We will be eagerly watching janomelife for this, janomegirl! Ed.


Now, you know me, right? It’s always easier to understand how it works when you can see it in action. So click here for my latest video on Artistic Digitizer.

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