Sewing and embroidery with faux leather

It’s amazing how versatile the Janome Skyline S9 is with both sewing and embroidery features. If you know me, you know I love sewing items that help with organizing around the home. This little basket fits the bill perfectly.


I love a good sturdy basket and so when I was selecting fabrics for this project it was a toss up between something that I would add interfacing to or use a heavier fabric. This beautiful purple faux leather / vinyl jumped out at me from my stash. Any other purple lovers out there? (YES, Ed!)

When sewing with faux leather, it’s always good to make sure you have a fresh needle in your machine. Actually – it’s always good to start a new project with a fresh needle!

I wanted some embellishments on my basket and thought I would embroider a design on there. Did you know there are 250 embroidery designs and 40 exclusive designs by Anna Marie Horner on the Skyline S9?! That’s a lot of designs.


I love that everything connects via wifi!


IMG_1865And the Janome AcuSetter app is my favourite app. It makes it so easy to get your project to line up on the fabric you are going to embroider on. The camera function helps you line up the template and then you can make slight adjustments to your project.


The fabric I chose was a lightweight faux leather. And while it had a good weight to it and I probably didn’t have to worry about my embroidery distorting the fabric at all, I still used a stabilizer on the back. I like to do this for all my projects just so there’s consistency. For this project I chose a very lightweight Cotton Soft tear-away from Madeira (distributed by Janaome Canada so do ask your local Janome Canada dealer for more info or to buy). I placed that on my hoop first and placed my fabric over top.


The embroidery was a dream on this fabric. And I adore this gold metallic – also from Madeira.


Now it was time to assemble the basket.


To help eliminate drag on the faux leather when sewing, I used the Janome Acufeed flex Dual Feed Foot and Holder. This makes sure that the fabric on the top moves in sync with the fabric on the bottom. When I was making a sample of this project just to test sizing, I used the regular foot, and you can really see the difference in the consistency of stitch length. It is much more consistent with the Janome Acufeed flex foot.


I also decided to line my basket with some satin fabric (also in purple). The Janome Acufeed flex foot also helps with slippery fabrics.

And voila….. A cute, personalized basket that can be used in a multitude of ways. It can hold hand towels in the bathroom, magazines in the living room, a place to drop your keys when you come home from the office.

What’s on your machine right now? Have you sewn or embroidered with heavier fabrics? If you are a purple lover, like me, what is your favourite colour to pair and compliment with it?

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