How to Update the Janome Continental M7

Is your Janome Continental M7 up to date? Did you know that you can update the software on this sewing machine? If you didn’t know that you can update the Janome Continental M7 and other models of Janome sewing machines, you’re going to find out all about it in today’s blog post. (Note: this information is specifically for updating the Janome Continental M7. For updating other Janome sewing machines, please contact your Janome dealer.)

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I recently added the Janome M7 to my studio and one of the first things I did when I plugged it in, was to check to see if its software was up to date. I turned it on and then checked to see what version the Janome M7 was running (to see what version your Janome M7 is running, look in the bottom right-hand corner of the display screen when you turn it on). As I suspected, it wasn’t running the current software version and needed to be updated.

Janome M7 start up screen

My Janome M7 wasn’t running the most recent software version

Note: The Janome AcuSpark app will also tell you if your Janome M7 needs to be updated when you scan the QR Code on the display screen.

I went to the Janome Global website where I could see the latest update for the Janome M7 and other models. Not only could I see what software version I should be running on my machine, but the download to update it to the newest version was right there.

Janome M7 update information

It was easy to find the most recent software version download

To update my Janome M7, I needed my computer, a USB stick and my Janome M7, of course. I was able to easily download the files from the Janome website onto the USB stick and then use it to update my Janome M7.

Janome Update Folders copy

The files you’ll need to transfer via USB stick to your Janome M7 are in the PROG file

It isn’t a difficult process to do, but there are certain steps that need to be taken in the correct order. First, your Janome M7 needs to be switch OFF before you can insert the USB stick in the side port. You’ll find it on the right side of the machine near the power cord socket.

Next, before you turn on the Janome M7, you need to press and hold both the lock stitch and needle up/down buttons at the same time. While still pressing both of these buttons, turn on the Janome M7. You need to continue pressing/holding these two buttons until the display screen turns yellow, at which time, you may release them.

Janome M7 update buttons

You need to press and hold both of these buttons before turning on the Janome M7

The update has now started! It will continue for several minutes and you’ll notice the display screen turns to a blue colour and then an aqua colour before the update is finished.

Janome M7 Updating

The update process is almost finished!

Once it has been installed into the Janome M7, you’ll see “Finish” on the display screen and you’ll know that your machine has now been updated. You can now turn off the Janome M7 and remove the USB stick.

For detailed information on the entire process from downloading the update from the Janome website to updating the Janome M7, click here.

I hope you found this helpful and will now be able to update your own Janome Continental M7.

Happy creating from Kim Jamieson-Hirst, a Janome Canada Artisan in Calgary, Alberta.

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  1. Dianne Ireland says:

    I have the yellow screen with an error message


  2. C. In Edmonton says:

    I see that one of the files is a .exe file which will not run on a Mac computer. Is that file necessary or can the others (the ones that are transferred to the USB) avaiable for Mac OS users? Thanks in advance!


  3. Susan Roberts says:

    There was no program when I checked only one thing. I don’t want to ruin it. What to do?


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