Cute embroidery project tutorial: little storage baskets

Are these not the cutest little baskets?

Follow along with this video link on the Janome USA You Tube channel:  

Kimberly Einmo (National spokesperson for Janome America) shows exactly how to make these on the You Tube video link above – courtesy of Janome America – The video shows the size of the one on the right in the above pic. I enlarged the design (download it below the You Tube video  – see link above)  for the basket and labelled my bigger baskets: Needles and Etcetera. I used The Janome MC15000 SQ23 an GR hoops for these 3 little baskets.

Kimberley talks about the AcuSketch App which was used to digitize the embroidery design – a clever little folding basket. She also shows exactly how to send the design from AcuSketch App to the Janome MC550E embroidery machine. Now, I don’t currently have that model with me so I used the Janome MC15000 and so my pic will show different hoops >>> but same results.

Embroidery before unhooping and trimming

TIP: I found the green felt I used was a little “floppy”. It did work but I wanted a slightly “stiffer” basket so I used Terial Magic to stiffen the felt for the next 2x I made. I sprayed the felt fairly liberally with Terial Magic and then ironed it dry with a press cloth (trust me on that tip!) Please note: Janome Canada now distributes Terial Magic in 3 sizes (BIG bulk jug, refill bottle and spray bottle – ask your Janome or Elna dealer to order for you. It is in stock right now at time of publishing this post)

Available at local Janome Canada dealers

Big advantage with using Terial magic was that I did not have to use stabilizer under the felt. I did use tearaway stabilizer on the first little one I made and I spent a bit of time picking out the white tearaway stabilizer. Felt really does not need a stabilizer unless it is super thin and not with a simple straight stitching design like this. So I used Terial magic…….voila ! No tearaway stabilizer to remove and my basket was a bit stiffer. Yay!

Embroidered design on felt after being trimmed all the way around with scissors and buttonholes cut open too.

Watch the video for the full tutorial. 

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5 Responses to Cute embroidery project tutorial: little storage baskets

  1. Nancy Mroz says:

    Did I send this one to you? I think it is cute and the design is free.



  2. Teresa Thrush says:

    Terial Magic is awesome for stiffening fabric used in embroidery hoops so the fabric won’t shift while machine embroidering. It’s also great for FSL constructs or flat FSL designs. The stiffer the better!



    Can Terrial Magic be used to stiffen the edges of knit fabrics to keep them from curling?


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