Keep calm and sew on!

OK, first up: please read the update to the post earlier today about sewing a fabric face mask. We have removed the content and ask that you proceed with caution after reading our update. Our apologies that our best intentions went somewhat awry. Ed.

I was planning on writing/collating this janomelife post as a way of sharing with you a bunch of places to easily find information, ideas and projects. If you, like many of us, are staying at home, I figured you might find this useful as well as encouraging.

Hubby read something out to me this morning about the effect this social distancing could have on some people in terms of loneliness and depression. The uncertainty, fear and stress levels can also be a negative factor. We, here at janomelife, do not in any way profess to be medics or counsellors. NO. But we are passionate about sewing, quilting and embroidery and would love to pull together with our loyal Janome family in this stressful and extra-ordinary time.

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I said in the post on Tuesday this week, that we are throwing our social media platforms wide open. Send us your suggestions, ideas, comments and words of encouragement for others. We are ALL in the same boat so let’s pull together, KEEP CALM AND SEW ON! We are committed to answering every comment and request to janomelife as well as our Janome Canada Facebook and Instagram pages. Please allow a little time in case we get inundated. But rest assured, we will reply as soon as we can. Some requests for info/tutorials etc are noted and already in the works.

  1. Did you know that there are already many previous janomelife posts saved in our in the archives…..sitting there waiting for you to access? I was asked during the last week for info on one topic which we had previously blogged about so I just sent the link to that post.

    Use the search box indicated by the orange arrow to easily find a myriad of previous blog posts on many topics: project ideas, machine features, software, feet and accessories and more.

  2. The Janome USA You Tube channel is a treasure trove of video tutorials. We quite often link to these when we post on janomelife so if you are a regular janomelife viewer you will be aware of this great resource. Just above in the pic you will see the little felt storage baskets which we linked to in our post just yesterday. Great video with Kimberly Einmo. There are many more for your watching pleasure and sewing edification. Here is the link to reach this Janome You Tube channel where video’s are neatly organized into playlists and categories.
  3. Another great resource that we have mentioned frequently is They have just revamped their website so if you have not visited this website for a while, you are in for a treat. I spent several happy hours last weekend exploring the improvements and additions to this hugely popular sewing website. Did you know that they publish a project everyday?  You would be able to find many projects to keep you busy …..especially during this health crisis.
  4. We also have inspiration and ideas right here on  under the Inspire tab>> Check out our artisan blogs and websites for more information and idea. Kim from Chatterbox Quilts has a very active You Tube channel with many video’s on Janome machines, feet, accessories and more. (BTW I am actually listening to her Facebook live right now as I write!) Celine from Blue Calla Patterns has many video tutorials and bag making patterns on her website. Meagan and Chrystal both have businesses where they sew goods to sell (bags and kiddie clothing). You might like to visit their pages (links under Inspire tab > Meet our Artisans) for info – I know shows where they sell their beautiful goods are largely cancelled or postponed so they probably now have items to sell online?) ; Melissa is our newest artisan and she also has a great many quilting ideas with a modern twist as well as her book(s) on Quilting with your walking foot.
  5. There are also many project ideas under the same Inspire tab >> See all projects.

Well……..that should be plenty to get on with for now? We will be following up with more posts and plan to do an Instagram live next week – more to come. STAY TUNED….and subscribe to janomelife if you are not already on our mailing list….that way you won’t miss a single post.

Do remember that your favourite sewing/quilting/Janome machine store is more than likely still open even if on reduced hours. And I would expect you can phone or email to ask for assistance with any supplies you may need. Some dealers are offering shipping or curbside pick up so call and ask.  Many have websites where you can order online…… keep calm… reason to not keep sewing?! 

Fabric bracelets under Inspire tab >>see all projects. 

What are you doing to keep busy, stay calm and sew on? Drop us a note in the comment box below. We’d love to know what you are sewing and that you are OK. Until soon.

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9 Responses to Keep calm and sew on!

  1. linmidquilts says:

    Is there a site devoted to the 12000 machine?


    • lizafrica says:

      No, we tend to keep most of our info in one place on our official websites. Whether you go to or, and type mc12000 into the Find a machine box, you will access quite a lot of info on this machine. There are downloads and machine information including a bunch of lessons on this model. In addition if you go to the LEARN tab at the top, and then Webinars, you will access webinars on the mc12000.
      Janomelife for sure did posts on the Mc12000 so you could do a search in our archives for those posts – just type mc12000 in the search box.
      We also published a Workbook for the Mc12000. I don’t know if we have any in stock but you can enquire at your dealer. I did see one online for sale so I’m sure you would find it somewhere. Very useful book.
      You can, of course, go further afield to places like You Tube where you are sure to find many video’s on this model. While these may not be official Janome video’s, they may be helpful to you.
      Hope that points you in the right direction!



  2. Christine Gibbons says:

    I look forward to seeing updates on Janomelife. I really enjoy it. I would love to see review of the feet available for the Janome Sergers. I have a Pro4DX and would love to see the feet that can be used on it. I saw recently a special foot available for the Babylock that helps you serge in a nice even circle. Was trying to find if there is one for our Janomes. I have a love affair with my Janomes and have sewn on them for almost 35 years.


  3. lscsew says:

    I didn’t get the update, can you send it again. Andrea LaVergne



  4. Penny doyle says:

    A lot more calm and positive ways of handling the present situation is much needed. I had really planned on sewing the whole time I was off and I will start soon…. but first all those I’ll do it later projects (mostly cleaning, organizing, etc) is up first. I will have no excuse when I go back to work. I then won’t feel so guilty about my sewing on my normal days off.So I am being productive. Need to get back to what I was doing so I can make that sewing machine hummmmm. Take care all.


  5. Linda Fielding says:

    Hi. With the prospect of medical supplies such as face masks and sterile gloves becoming scarce for our front line medical staff and doctors, that face mask might be something people could use in their homes (if they are helping a family member with the virus) if they can’t find any on the store shelves. I understand that cotton is not ideal but in a worst case scenario they would be better than nothing and they would be washable. Please keep that pattern on file and repost if the situation becomes that dire. Hopefully it won’t and hopefully our lives will return to normal soon. Thank you.


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