Lemoyne Star: Using the Quilt Block Advisor

So earlier this month (9th March), our multi-talented @lizafrica did a write up on the Lemoyne Star block and using Quilt Block Advisor. We also featured this new AcuSpark App this week on Monday 16th March with a link to a video with Janome America spokesperson, Kimberly Einmo,  so it seems that we are all on the same page! Ed. 


Liz and I were thinking about the same topic (unbeknownst to one another lol), so I have a great video for you to see it in action (see below for video link).

Have you tried the AcuSpark App yet? It was created as a companion for the Janome Continental M7 machine, but is also very useful for other models. It has so much information in it. It’s almost like a digital manual!

You can see info about machine functions (which are pretty universal across the range of Janome machines), watch tutorial videos on basic operations, and so much more!


To find the Quilt Block Advisor in the app, tap on “General Instructions & Tips”, then tap “Other” on the bottom right (there is a machine icon there). Scroll down to “Quilting” and there you can choose which block to look at.



There are so many choices!


Tap on the name of each pattern to see cutting and piecing info.

Then I tapped Lemon Star, and saw all of the instructions.


Cutting instructions for if you want to use a ruler and rotary cutter


Piecing instructions, especially helpful for y-seams.


Pictures on how to add a triangle to a y-seam


The visuals in this app are so awesome!


You can also use the Quilt Block Advisor on your computer if you have purchased the Janome  Continental M7. Click here to see a demo of the Quilt Block Advisor software. It is installed on your PC when you use the PC Application pack which is supplied with the machine.

I grabbed a couple of pics from the video to show you, because it’s really hard to video and sew and take pictures all at the same time lol.

Screenshot (584)

Using the O foot makes 1/4″ piecing a breeze! You may also have discovered that the HP2 foot is really wonderful for scant 1/4 inch piecing.

Screenshot (585)

I had no idea that when you are piecing a star like this, you need to sew the two halves together from the middle out!



With a little quilting, this will make a perfect mug rug!


Until next time,


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