Are you keeping calm and sewing on?????

Sunday sewing Janomelife Ed: Just checking in today –  Sunday –  not sure where you are and what # day of staying  at home you are at? I’m deliberately not counting days……. It is day to day here so I’m just sewing; keeping up with social media …… and trying hard to stay well. 

Hopefully you are doing the same? Are you sewing? Or quilting? or embroidering? or making garments with your serger? Hope so.                       

I have just finished embroidering a beautifil OESD tiled embroidered wall hanging this morning of a peacock sitting in a tree. It is trimmed and all the embroidered “tiles” have been sewn together. But I need black fusible bias tape to sew over the joins + add backing and finish around the edges so I will wait until my bias tape arrives later this week. I’ll do a post about it eventually when it is finished although I did share a quick video clip on Instagram 2 days ago as a sneak peek.  I was not going to show a full pic yet as it is not complete but what the heck! 

Still a UFO but getting there……It has a lime green tone on tone embroidered border all the way around with arch at the top but I had to crop out another quilt which was hanging behind it.

Have you been ordering any sewing items you discover you need (like I discovered I needed  fusible tape) from your local sewing or quilt store? Many have had to close temporarily but are still happy to mail goods to you or have you drive by for curbside pick up. Call ahead and ask –  they need your support during this uncertain and stressful time. 


Today we have a practical and pretty project from Celine in Montreal. She used the big, new Sashiko designs on the Janome MC550E but you could use other designs or even quilt or applique; use up scraps of ribbons, trims and/or buttons to embellish or go crazy with machine decorative stitches?? – all techniques will result in unique and special zipper baggies………Have fun if this inspires you! Ed.

More project inspiration coming tomorrow – AND an Instagram live on Tuesday with Janomegirl who will show you how to make hair scrunchies and how to embellish them. More info on this tomorrow. Ed.

With the purchase of a Janome 550E Embroidery machine, many designs are included so you can start embroidering as soon as you thread up your machine! This includes several Sashiko  designs. It might be difficult to imagine a finished project using the specific motifs such as Sashiko. The two designs in the photo are easily embroidered in the MC550E’s largest hoop: the RE36b.

All sewers have loads of scrap fabrics to make a pouch; it takes 2 fabrics of a minimum of 38cm (or 15 inches)  long  x 23cm (or 9 inches ) wide.  The procedure is simple:

  • Place stabilizer in the RE36b hoop.
  • Securely attach it with the seven magnets this hoop requires.
  • Place the fabrics on top of AND under the stabilizer. The fabric under the hoop becomes the bag lining. 
  • Use the trace and baste or basting function to keep the three layers  in place
  • Embroider according to the colors suggested by the machine or according to your choice of colours to coordinate to your fabric choice. 
  • If you prefer to use a multi colour thread, tap the ” embroider a single Color’ icon or monochrome feature in the editing window.
  • Using the ‘One stitch stop’ feature is very convenient to get clean work on the reverse as well as on the top. It will allow you to bring the bobbin thread up to the top just like you do if you are quilting and then trim those tails so both top and underneath are neat and tidy. 

When the embroidery is finished, you will need to trim the excess fabric all around the embroidery leaving enough for seams. In the samples, we used the Janome AT2000D Serger for a professional-looking finish.

The zipper is a breeze thanks to the narrow ‘E’ foot included with several Janome sewing machine models, especially when using a decorative closure such as the metallic and lace zippers in the pic below. 

Once the zipper is in place, all that remains is to sew both sides to close the pouch. The Janome HP2 foot and plate is recommended for easy sewing of several layers.

And here is another couple of pics showing the same MC550E sashiko designs – embroidered on vinyl , baggie lined, zipper and wristlet strap added and viola! 

Madeira multicolour thread was used for the embroidery on this bag.

These zipper bags are nice gifts to make during this time while we are staying at home to keep safe!!! 

Originally published on Vie Janome, March 21st, 2020 by Céline Ross. Edited by Liz Thompson (Editor) and Anne Stitcher for Janomelife viewers. 

About Anne Stitcher

I am the newest Educator with Janome. While I have been sewing for over 40 years, I'm finding there is always something new to learn in the sewing world. New techniques, new tools and new fabric.
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4 Responses to Are you keeping calm and sewing on?????

  1. wanda true says:

    where do you find those zippers? they are beautiful!


    • lizafrica says:

      Not sure where Celine found those but in Canada 2 suppliers spring to mind: Blue Calla patterns and Emmaline Bags. There are probably many others in canada as well as the US.



  2. Joy Boughey says:

    Hello Anne, I just have to say, your peacock is absolutely magnificent … so clever! Thanks for sharing it with us. Joy


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Joy,

      Thank you. I first saw this tiled embroidery several years ago when I was doing an event at one of our Janome stores: a customer brought hers for “show & tell” and I was so impressed. I went home and purchased the design collection right away! And then it sat there unused. Glad I finally got around to stitching it out. As said in the post: it is an OESD collection called Picturesque Peacock.

      Keep well and sew on!



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