Ruffled Apron Project – The Ruffler Foot – Part 2


The Ruffler Foot, available for 9mm and 7mm machines from your local dealer.

Don’t let the look of this amazing foot put you off. It seriously is the best way to create gathers, ruffles and pleats without poking your self with the pin that holds the basting threads on either end of the fabric.  Let’s take a look at this foot, and how it works.

It attaches to the machine using the standard ankle, so just like all of Janome’s other presser feet.


There is also a lever that goes around the needle screw, so that the foot can work with the rhythm of the up & down action of the needle.

It has “teeth” that grip the fabric, in order for the fabric to be positioned properly and evenly while you are ruffling/gathering.


There are multiple settings that allow you to control exactly the outcome of your ruffles, anywhere from really full gathers to a simple pleat. It can be changed either by the length of your stitches, or the rate at which the fabric is fed into the foot.


These markings show 4 different settings: no gathering, gathering every 12 stitches, every 6 stitches or every stitch.

The depth of the gathers can also be adjusted using the black screw. Really, this foot allows for so much customization.


This shows gathering with every stitch.



Every 6 stitches


Every 12 stitches

The easiest way to figure out the settings that you prefer is to take some fabric strips, and mark 10″ increments on them. And then adjust the settings and sew for 10″. Why 10″? Because it’s easy to calculate the percentage of “ruffling ratio” ( I totally just made that phrase up lol). For the apron I’m making, I know that my apron base is 22″ wide, and my strips are 43″ long. So I need roughly a 50% ratio. After testing different settings, I decided on 6 stitches per gather, and 3.0 stitch length. (I have also cut apart my test strips to save with the settings written on it – for future reference).

I have been asked many times: How much fabric do I need for a specific finished ruffled/gathered length? My answer was do a test on scraps first. As math is not my strong point, I learned something from janomegirl today : there is a relatively easy way to figure out the “ruffling ratio”. Thanks, janomegirl! Ed. 

I really believe that the ruffler is an excellent addition to your presser feet, and you will use it for all kinds of sewing.

This project actually has three parts to it, you can click here to see the first one.

Click here for the accompanying video!


There’s one more section of this project, which is putting it all together! You can click here to see the final construction.

Until next time,

Janome Girl


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