Sunday Sewing: Quilting -in-the-ditch + NEW Manual Dual Feed setting with video

For those of us who love to sew/quilt/embroider/sew garments  or all of the above, I have little doubt that we have many projects to keep us busy. I have so many UFO’s that I am ashamed to even count them, let alone tell you how many!

This foot is the Acufeed flex foot with SD Ditch quilting sole plate – more in the video link below.

Following the mantra of  “Keep calm and sew on”  which I have been preaching…….. I finished 3 small quilt UFO’s on the weekends recently …….Sunday sewing bonanza.

I used a charm pack from my “deep” stash and pieced them together randomly to be the size I needed for a coffee table. I sandwiched this and started the quilting a long time back (no, I’m not going to tell how long ago!),  but I dug it out last weekend and finished it. YAY!

PS The table topper IS square. I struggle with taking pics which are perfectly in line. Steadier hand maybe? or perhaps I need to use a tripod?

I completed the ditch quilting using a varigated cotton thread and the Janome ditch quilting foot for Acufeed flex. Please watch this video where I show how I did that. 

I also used a brown invisible thread to diagonally cross hatch each block. You can mark diagonal lines on your blocks but I don’t for something small like a charm square. “eyeball” the square from corner to corner and “drive” straight. If you start in one corner and keep going diagonally across the quilts through block after block and then turn and go in another diagonal direction, you will have criss-crossed back & forth and got the whole quilt done in no time. I only had to back track once or twice I think – I just stitched in the ditch to the next square and I was off again. Easy….continuous quilting & less threads to bury.  I also used my Acufeed Flex foot and quilting guide bar to stitch 2 rounds of straight stitching in my border. (see pic below)

Lastly, I used the same varigated cotton thread to stitch a satin stitch in the ditch between my charm squares and my border. I used a matching bobbin thread as I had done with the decorative leaf stitch so the back of my quilt is also quite pretty.

THE JANOME DITCH QUILTING FOOT – this one happens to be the clip on version – just snap it onto the ankle/foot holder.  It is the S foot and is available for 7mm and 9mm Janome  machine models.

You will notice in the video that I mention you can do this same ditch quilting on most of our Janome models – not just on the Janome Continental M7…….good news as there can be no reason that you too cannot complete some patiently waiting UFO’s!  All you need is a ditch quilting foot (shown in pics above) and away you go…….happy quilting!

The second part of the video explains how and why to use the NEW Manual Dual feed setting on the Janome Continental M7. If you don’t have this incredible machine – which has already won 2 prestigious awards –  I do address on the video how to do decorative stitching with other Janome Acufeed Flex models.

There is something really good about completing a project….a real sense of accomplishment (even if somewhat delayed?!)

Sewing and quilting is really wonderful therapy.
Do you agree?

Have you managed to accomplish completing UnFinished Objects recently? 

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16 Responses to Sunday Sewing: Quilting -in-the-ditch + NEW Manual Dual Feed setting with video

  1. Marnie says:

    Sometimes procrastinating is a good thing. Such as when you have 60 table napkins to embroider your daughters June 28 2020 wedding on. I was so close to doing them. Even had the thread threaded up on my Janome 15000. Phew. That was a close one. Now will wait till June next year to do them.


  2. Wanda Layton says:

    Hi Lizafrica I have a DC6030 janome sewing machine, my question is will the westalee rulers fit my machine..
    Thank you


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Wanda,

      Yes, you have a low shank Janome model. Westalee low shank rulers work. Many who have bought our Janome Rulerwork kit use this with low shnak machiens as well.



  3. Veronica says:

    I really like that zig-zag embroidery stitch you did on the quilt! Very nice placement.


  4. Veronica says:

    About taking a quilt photo that is square- I put my quilts on my design wall, trying to make them as square as possible. Then I stand back and frame the picture in my camera- hand hold too- so the camera is in the center of the quilt and edges seem even. Take a couple shots. I trim them in lightroom and do adjustments. If you have photoshop- you can do a liquify technique to pull any bit of the edge that isn’t right. I haven’t had to do this, but I know it is an option.


  5. Anne Dustin says:

    Can’t see the video. It says it is private.


  6. Donalda Fisher says:

    Unable to view videos as they say they are private.


  7. Patsy A Bolden says:

    I tried watching the video and it says it’s private??


  8. Nora Waddell says:

    When I clicked on your video link mentioned above, ‘video not available’ shows.


  9. The video is not available. It is ‘private’. Jayne

    Sent from my iPad



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