Unboxing a M7 Continental

Hi! I’m Amanda, a new Janome Canada Educator. 

One of the great perks of this role is that you get to try out lots of machines. I was beyond excited when Janome told me they were sending me the Continental M7. I had heard about this machine and that people were going crazy for it! I arrived at my house just before my children were due home from school so I had to hold off on opening it until the next day. The wait was worth it!

There is nothing quite like opening a brand new machine. So much anticipation of what it looks like, what is included and of all the things that you may be able to make with it. This part is always a tease. You know you will peel back the top flaps of the box and be greeted with a giant block of styrofoam, keeping the machine nice and safe.

On the top of the styrofoam I found some goodies already. A giant foot pedal (no slipping off the pedal with this one!), Instructions manuals/DVDs, a knee lift and two extra different needle plates! Already things are looking amazing!

Then I was ready for the real thing, I lifted off the giant styrofoam layer and saw the M7 in all its glory! I removed the rest of the accessories and put them to the side, because really, we want to see the main event!

Look at that beauty! Look at that harp space! It is giant! You can fit a whole lot of quilt through there! Plus the included extension table adds so much more sewing surface space! The Janome M7 also weighs a lot which I love because it won’t be bouncing around when I sew super fast. Did you notice that screen? It’s huge! I think it is bigger than my first ipad! 

Ok, so let’s look at the accessories that are included! Look at this impressive display of feet! If I didn’t have the manual I couldn’t tell you what they all do. Since I’m a quilter I’m very interested in the walking feet and the free motion quilting feet. This selection doesn’t disappoint.

In addition to all these feet look at all the rest of the accessories included! Spool holders, knee lift, needs, screwdriver and so much more!

Then they even give you a two level box to keep everything all together! Plus there is a drawer on the extension table to keep the accessories you use most handy.

One thing I was confused by while opening the box was a mysterious little pedal and a black rectangular piece of metal. They had me stumped. Well, it is a remote thread cutting pedal! WHAT!? I didn’t even know this was a thing. This will be particularly handy when working on projects that I don’t want to take my hands off to cut the threads. The black piece of metal allows you to attach the two pedals together.

To protect your machine while not in use it comes with a heavy duty dust cover. It even has a large pocket on the front! Fancy machines deserve fancy covers.

I recorded a video of the unboxing of this machine if you’d like to watch.

Opening up the Janome M7 Continental was so much fun! I can’t wait to get sewing with it!

What do you think might be your favourite feature on this machine?

I think mine is the huge harp space – the largest in the indutry! 



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8 Responses to Unboxing a M7 Continental

  1. norma ridgway says:

    I have a janome 8077 that was given to me, I love my machine.
    If I had te m7, I will think I died and went to heaven. I could never afford it
    Enjoy it.
    Norma Ridgway
    South Africa


  2. Joanne Spence says:

    Everything about this machine is my favourite option. This is my Dream machine!! Waiting for the day I can afford one (as is my granddaughter because she wants my current sewing machine 😜)


  3. stewart1949 says:

    How does this machine compare to the 6600 Professional?


    • lizafrica says:


      Well, I am tempted to say that there is really no comparison. That’s not strictly true although the differences are huge: the 6600P is a 7mm model, the M7 is a 9mm model. The 6600P has 9 inches of throat space. The M7 has the largest in the industry at almost 14 inches! The M7 has a huge touch screen and many, many more sewing features than the 6600P. It has a USB port on the side of the machine for adding updates and stitches etc as well as software (the PC Application pack included with the machine which has software to create your own new stitches as well as a whole quilt block advisor to make quilt blocks even easier – we have done several posts on this already on janomelife). The lighting is MUCH better than on the 6600P – the M7 has more lighting and spread better across the sewing bed as well as it being white LED lighting as opposed to the older style of lighting which was more yellow. It also stitches at 1300spm whereas the MC6600P is a lot less – 800spm I think? It has Acufeed flex Plus which has a separate, dedicated motor which drives the upper feed dogs; the lower feed dogs have been improved and automatic lowering & raising of the feed dogs has been introduced (intelli-feed). the table has a very cute drawer on the front……Wow, I could go on & on. You may visit our website for more info about this machine or do a search for M7 on janomelife as we have published a number of posts about this incredible new model.
      The Mc6600P was ground breaking in its day as it offered more space than conventional (around 7 inches of throat space) sewing machines – at 9 inches. But technology and sewing machine manufacture has changed considerably since then so the M7 is a massive upgrade to the largest, fastest and most powerful sewing machine currently available on the market.
      Hope that answered your query.



  4. Vickie says:

    The 1/4 foot and plate


  5. Looks like a whole box of fun! 😄 Carol


  6. Rose in NJ. says:

    Oh, I have that same pedal on my janome 15,000. it is a big one! Have fun.


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