How to Install the Bobbin Holder Case


NOTE: While I’m referring to the Janome MC9450 in this blog post, this information also applies to other models of Janome sewing machines.

There are some simple things that are critical to ensuring that your sewing machine works properly to give you perfect results when you are creating a project. Making sure that your bobbin case is properly inserted in your Janome sewing machine is one of these. While I’m using a Janome MC9450 in this video, this information also applies to many other Janome models:  if your Janome has a top loading bobbin system, this applies to your machine.


Janome MC9450

I know it’s not a riveting topic, but it is oh so important. You’re careful to put the bobbin in the correct way, but are you sure that you’re inserting your bobbin holder case correctly? It’s not difficult, but it can be a little fiddly and can cause so many problems if you don’t do it correctly.

Janome incorrect placement bobbin 2 - 1

Not the correct way to install the bobbin case holder!

We’re fortunate that many Janome sewing machines have several different bobbin case holders to ensure perfect stitching no matter what you’re doing with your machine. The Janome MC9450 comes with a red dot bobbin case. This has pre-set tension for most of our stitching needs. Of course, you can always change the tension, if required.

Janome red dot bobbin case holder - 1

Red dot bobbin case holder

You can also get additional bobbin case holders (optional purchase) and, for those of us who quilt, we often use a blue dot bobbin case when free motion quilting. (For detailed information on the various bobbin cases, click here). No matter what bobbin case holder you are using, they all fit into the Janome MC9450 the same way.

Janome blue dot bobbin holder case - 1

Blue dot bobbin case holder

When properly inserted, the bobbin case holder is held securely in the Janome MC9450 but you will still be able to wiggle it just a bit. I find that most of the issues come from the fact that the bobbin case holder isn’t properly seated in the bobbin area. It’s difficult to explain how to do this in words, so I’ve made a video that explains exactly how to make sure that you’ve got your bobbin case holder correctly inserted. Click here to watch the video.

YT Thumbnail Janome 9450 insert bobbin case

I hope this helps you if you’ve been having problems with getting the bobbin case holder properly installed in your Janome sewing machine.

Happy creating from Kim Jamieson-Hirst, a Janome Canada Artisan in Calgary, Alberta.

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