Janome’s incredible AcuSketch App – just look what can be done with it!!

Child’s artwork to Embroidery……check out how easy this is to do

We have offered many posts about our Janome AcuSketch app….we tend to get very excited about it as it is SO easy to use and it adds such fun and exciting embroidery and quilting options to our sewing.  AND it is free!! AND not restricted to our WIFI embroidery machine models. Just email what you create out of the AcuSketch App to your computer, save on a USB stick and open at the embroidery machine. FUN FUN FUN!

Recently my friend, Jen Tryon (who promotes Janome machines on The Shopping Channel for us) sent me this video. She had this warm and loving project to create a Family Tree quilt using Janome’s  AcuSketch App and the Janome Skyline S9.  Now, the Janome Skyline S9 is a WIFI model but (see above) you CAN create a similar project to Jen’s lovely Family tree using a different Janome embroidery machine. Or immortalize kiddie artwork on a pillow or wall hanging? Or stitch a special hand written recipe on a tea towel? Your imagination is your only limit!

Jen also took a hand written family Butter tart recipe and turned it into stitches to embroider on a tea towel – how cool is that???



So without any further ado, Here is the link to Jennifer’s video. 

Jens family tree quilt – all signatures and writing done using Janome AcuSketch and the Janome Skyline S9

And a close up of the applique heart

Just had to share this with you as it really is so clever, but easy to do with the right tools! And it is a heart warming and lovely family heirloom as well.

Thanks for sharing, Jen!




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