Good info including video about Janome’s Clothsetter

Janome Universal Clothsetter for Janome 500E, Mc550E, Mc12000, Mc15000, Skyline S9, Mc9900.










This is a VERY clever piece of equipment which is nothing new to Janome. We have had clothsetters for our Janome embroidery machines for a long time…….to provide a method of achieving perfect placement of embroidery designs. It is so ingenious that we keep making them and selling them to Janome embroiderers!


Here is the link to the  video above about the Janome clothsetter which Jen Tryon over at Tryon a Handmade Life recorded recently.  It outlines and shows exactly how to set up/assemble and use this very useful and practical “third hand” in your embroidery studio. Enjoy!

About Janome Canada

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5 Responses to Good info including video about Janome’s Clothsetter

  1. Michelle says:


    I saw that didn’t get to read it yet will do thanks

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  2. Loree Shannon says:

    Does the clothsetter from the 11000SE fit the 15000?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Loree,
      I will have to double check next week when I’m working but I’m almost sure the answer is no, The hoops on the Mc1500 are a lot bigger and we came out with a universal Clothsetter which has attachment options for a number of our different machines.



  3. linmidquilts says:

    The clothsetter went so fast it is difficult to understand.


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