Saturday Sewing……How are you doing with getting UFO’s completed???

I showed you one of my UFO’s recently on Janomelife here. And I also managed to get my Peacock wall hanging completed after purchasing the Design Collection literally years ago and never doing any embroidery with it. In fact, I had to scratch through a myriad of  files on my computer to see where I had downloaded and saved it after purchasing. Of course, you never do silly things like that?!

I have another UFO completed that same productive weekend as my charm square table topper. This one started out life as a smaller sample with appliqued hearts and straight line walking foot quilting. I cut the binding off, turned it on point, added triangles of beige/creamy tone of tone fabric and then added 2 sets of pieced borders. Finally, I added more heart appliques on the corner stones. Then sandwiched it with batting and backing. Alas,  that is where it hit a road block (called “being too busy and tired at nights and weekends to quilt”) and sat as a neglected UFO for longer than I care to remember.

Yes, I know I “cut off” some bits of my cornerstone hearts with the binding. They had been cut out and fused to the quilt with fusible web ages ago and, with hindsight, I realize I should have cut them smaller or faced the quilt instead of using binding. But I did not…so it is what it is. We all learn by our mistakes so…..note to self….. plan better next time, Liz. I guess I was just on an enthusiastic roll to complete it with binding which had been cut a long time ago – and which I did not want to waste.

I quilted it by stitching in-the-ditch with my Acufeed Flex Plus foot on the Janome Continental M7.  I am completely blown out of the water by how brilliant this new (and exclusive to the M7) feature is. I switch back & forth between Acufeed Flex plus with straight stitching and Manual Dual feed setting ON when I do stitches like the Serpentine. It is like I’m in the James Bond car when I put foot in Acufeed Flex plus – it just GOES at a max. speed of 1300spm! It is so powerful and feeds the fabric like nothing I have ever experienced before. Neither wonder this machine has won TWO prestigious Design Awards!

I used cream thread so the quilting is probably hard to see but it was just concentric triangles to mirror the shape of the piecing – using a straight ruler (naturally one of our Janome rulers) and the Free Motion Rulerwork setting in the Sewing Applications menu.

I did some ruler quilting in the triangles with a straight ruler (pic above) and did one of my favourite quilting stitches – the serpentine – in the 2 borders (pic below).  The Serpentine stitch is available on many of our Janome models. You will, for sure, recognize it in the pic below if you have it. Sometimes it is found with the Utility stitches section, sometimes with the Quilting stitches, and sometimes in both places – so is easy to find.

If you don’t have this Serpentine stitch,  we have a fabulous Drop Ship Sale on right now until 31st May here at Janome Canada where we will ship machines direct to your front door –  Yes!  Just saying……now is a really good time to buy! Contact your local, favourite Janome Canada dealer who can explain how this shipping option works for you – you don’t even need to leave your house!  The flyer with Sale info can be found on our website. It scrolls on the banner across the top of our home page so just wait a couple of seconds and it will appear.

Last but not least, I used the Janome Quilt Binder set to attach my binding in the brick red colour. As I’ve said many times, “Who says your binding has to be sewed with a straight stitch?” I used one of the applique stitches on the Janome Continental M7 – which can also be found on many of our other Janome machines as well.

More resources on using the Janome Quilt Binder:

  1. We have done many posts on the Quilt Binder set before. Just search in the Janomelife search box to find these. Here is one such post but there are many more.
  2. And here is a You Tube video on how to use the Quilt Binder set.
  3. And here is another video on turning the corner when using the Janome Quilt Binder set.
  4. We will also be doing an Instagram Live on turning the corner with the Quilt Binder set on 5 May – set an alarm/reminder in your phone. (will also be posted to our Janome Life You Tube channel afterwards –  for those who don’t do Instagram or who miss the Live broadcast…but set an alarm and you will be reminded to tune in)
  5. And Janome America had someone do a Facebook Live on 13th April on how to attach the ties to face masks using the Quilt Binder – check out the video on Janome America Facebook page. 

What is under your Saturday Sewing needle?

Do you need a new Janome to be drop shipped to your door?

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4 Responses to Saturday Sewing……How are you doing with getting UFO’s completed???

  1. Kay Warcup says:

    This post prompted me to get out two UFO’s I have. One is a cushion front that I made in Homec in high school and the other is a needlepoint cushion front I did working night shifts during college days. To show you how long they’ve been UFO’s – I’m now retired and love to spend the time with my grandchildren! I’ve always said one day I will add backs and stuff them but life got in the way. Now is that time. Thank you for the prompt. Cheers!


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Kay,
      You are too funny! I thought I was the “naughty” one. I think you trumped me on that. I have things that are still UFO’s from before I came to live in Canada ( and it almost broke my heart to give away TONS of stuff before I emigrated to Canada) so that would be 20+ years ago. Anyway – the point is, we get things completed now, right?
      I also recently swallowed hard in one of my “tidy up” sessions and got rid of quite a lot of things that were started but had languished far too long as UFO’s. It felt good to release those! Don’t recall,who said it, think it might have been Libby Lehman or Ricky Tim’s, but “not all UFO’s should be finished”. Took me a while to wrap my head around that!


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  2. David White says:

    Dear friend,

    I have been a keen user of the Janome 500E and lots of the designs of Embroidery Library.  I purchased my Janome 500e from Wendy Farrugia, Sewing Machine Consultant for Craft Depot t 2 Railway Street, Pennant Hills. NSW 2120 Australia.  She gave me a number of lessons with regard to the machines finr capacities. Then one day in the new year, the Craft Depot closed without notice.  I have lost all connection with Wendy and seriously need her help.  I know she has been a consultant for other Sewing Machine Manufacturers. Wendy’s Business Card notes Bernina, Pfaff, Singer and Elna.  Is there any way you can advise me how to contact her?  Thank you.  David White.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi David,

      I am sorry but there is nothing I can do to help you as this blog is a Janome CANADA program. You will need to contact Janome Australia to see if they can assist you. Sorry we can’t assist. I have removed your person contact details from the comment in the interests of privacy.



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