Did you hear about the promo we just launched to try out Artistic Digitizer for free?  It’s so exciting, you’ll get to try out all the features and find out exactly how useful it is to have. In the coming weeks, we are bringing to you some “snippets” of information courtesy of Anne Hein, Software “Wizard” & Janome America Educator. You can follow along with these simple photo tutorials and explore different aspects of the software. You’ll be hooked, I’m sure!

Today we show you the first in a series of Software Snippets from Anne Hein: Gradient and Stitch Flow. Perhaps you’d like to sign up for the free trial and then follow along with these exercises to get to know the software? We do suggest you put  your running shoes on though as the free trial offer is only valid until 31st May 2020 so you’ll want to get set up and playing ASAP! Click here for how to get the code for the free trial.

Two of the new features for Janome’s Artistic Digitizer are Gradient and Stitch Flow with direction, divide and point direction.

With Gradient you can adjust the density of the stitches of an object compared to the starting density.  It works with a percentage  range form -500% up to 500%.  The negative values reverse the direction of the gradient:


The curved stitches are a result of stitch flow: Select your object – step fills will only allow direction, satin fills will allow direction, divide and point direction.












Once you have your object selected, click two points to create a line. An additional node will appear that marks the center. After that, you can drag that line to create the curvature you want.

This can also be done with satin stitches, using Point Direction:


Gradient can be found in the Properties box: the heart flowers are layered with an orange as the bottom and red on the top. Orange gradient is at 100% and the red is 500%:


This is just a very basic overview, you can see much more on the built in tutorial videos in the software.

Until next time,


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  1. Lisa Moreau says:

    I just purchased my Janome Skyline S9 and would like to ‘trial’ the Digitizing software by Janome — how do I request a trial key?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Lisa,
      That free trial was a time sensitive offer some months back and it is no longer available. But I would suggest you FOLLOW Janomelife as you will get an email every time we publish a post. That way you would have current up to date information which you would be able to act on.



      • Hi Liz,
        Thank you for the reply — the problem is that I’m currently looking to purchase digitizing software – but at these prices, want to trial each product. I will be making a decision before the end of July — so even though I just purchased a Janome S9 – if I can’t trial the software, I will be choosing another package.

        Do appreciate the feedback though!


      • lizafrica says:

        Hi Lisa,

        All the more that it is a pity you missed the free trial which we offered during April and May. Please note that this was the first time we have offered a free trial which was a special offer during the height of the Pandemic when people were at home and had some extra time to play with software and watch the many free classes we have been offering to go along with this. It is not something we offer on a permanent basis. We may well offer it again in the coming months but I cannot say for sure when. And you can certainly ask your dealer if they would honour the coupon with $100 discount off the purchase price. I think many of our dealers would be happy to do so even if the coupon offer is also no longer valid. It cannot hurt to ask.
        However, we have done a LOT of Janome Life posts over the years and certainly before, during and after the free trail offer this year. I would recommend you read these posts and watch the accompanying videos as that would give you a very good idea of what Artistic Digitizer does. There is also the Facebook Group page dedicated to this software called Artistic Digitizer. And you have your local Janome dealer. I would suggest you ask your dealer to show you the software on their store computer so that you can see it in action. Choose your dealer carefully as not all dealers have the software available to show (and they really should if they are selling it) and some are better than others with after sales support and learning.

        Good luck with your decision. We obviously hope you will decide to go with our fabulous Artistic Digitizer software! We sure have loads of support from our Education team for this software. I cannot say the same for all software packages out there. So do choose wisely where and what you purchase.



  2. Debe says:

    Hello. I was wondering how much of a difference there is between Artistic Sewing Suite V6 & Artistic Digitizer. I was going to compare the 2 with the free download but wondered if there would be a problem with both on my computer. I also have Digi MBX 5.5 plus HS & HLS. Just don’t want to have software competing problems. lol
    Thanks Deb


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Deb

      Actually I’m not sure if having both on your computer might be an issue. Think I have both but they may have done some trick when the software was installed? Best to call Tech Support. or call them at 1-800-631-0183 ext 775. I think they may have a comparison sheet they can send to you? I will do a search here in my office after the weekend to see if I perhaps have a comparison sheet somewhere. If I do, I’ll send to you.
      The software packages are made by the same software developer but are quite different in many respects.
      Don’t think there is any issue with having Digi MBX and HLS etc on same computer as I have most of them on mine. No issues.

      Janome Canada


  3. David White says:

    Please include me in this free trial.  Thankyou


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi David
      Please follow the instructions in the blog post to sign up for the free trial. You need to use the link to go to our website, fill the form in and send.



  4. Ann Scott says:

    I would love to try this new digitizer. I have had several other of Janome’s digitizers over the last few years. Ann Scott



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