Sunday Sewing: your opinion requested for a design decision?


Ok, I bought this printed panel from Tamara Kate a while back. It is one of her Michael Miller Fabrics and the idea was you could colour in the 15 blocks on the panel with fabric pens (or paint them? or do hand stitching on them?). I felt the strong need of mindless relaxation so I have spent the evening TV hours over the last week or 2 colouring in like a little kiddie. Was actually quite soothing!

Not sure if this was the intent but (my) individual creativity rules in this house so I cut up the blocks after all the colouring was done. I used what permanent felt tip pens I had at home. Some bled a little but I was not devastated – I was just chillin’ nicely and going with the flow …kind of literally lol.

15 separate blocks in hand – now to sew them together again with sashing. Yes, I know some people think quilters are daft (we cut up perfectly good fabric and then sew it together again??)  However, we know better, don’t we?! I raided my stash and auditioned sashing fabric. Some pieces were not large so who said I would never use my Math skills after grade 12? Mmmmm, think that was me and I have been proved dead wrong many times over the years. I managed to get enough 2 inch strips from a smallish piece of (almost – but not quite) hot pink print from Cotton & Steel in my stash.

Sashing sewing started using the Janome Continental M7 with the HP foot and plate. This gave me a lovely scant 1/4 inch seam which was what I needed as there was not a lot of cutting space between these blocks on the panel and the sides were way too close for comfort to the selvages. Janome HP foot and plate to the rescue!

This is how I set up the machine for my 1/4 inch sashing seams and border.

  1. HP foot and plate as mentioned above.
  2. Pivot function icon which turns yellow when selected – this is wonderful as the needle stays down in the fabric and the foot raises up whenever I stop to adjust fabrics as I sew these sashings.
  3. I reduced the stitch length to 1.8.

I decided to have 5 blocks across and 3 down as it will probably be a fun wall hanging for my spare bedroom where my little ones stay when they visit Nanna.

Sashing done.

Fortunately I just had enough fabric left to squeeze out a border in the same fabric

The pink sashing and border fabric has a small silver X.

I think the fabric was a good choice to “break up” my wild and whacky colouring pen play time.  Believe it (or believe it not) he, who is quite grumpy, said the colours were dull. Seriously?? There must still be room for wild and whacky to kick it up a few notches!?

So I could stop here: sandwich, quilt and bind.

BUT I wondered if I might add a further border with some big, bright and bold floral fabric. I have plenty as the wall hanging is just laying on top of the fabric in the pic below. Could be a backing but I think that might be a shame as the fabric is gorgeous (from my deep stash). What do you think?  So this is where I’d love your opinion:

  • Is the second outer border below too much? Leave the panel as is or add another border?
  • Use that floral for a backing OR put back into the stash for another creative opportunity where it can shine without having pretty petals pressed unseen against a wall?

On the opposite wall to where I will probably hang this wall hanging is this: some of my thread stash which resides here as my sewing room is not large enough for it all.  So lots of colours going on in this room already. Yes, I know, several people have already indicated they would like to be listed in my will as there will probably be tons left when I pass the great divide! LOL

That was under my needle today (well yesterday, if truth be told)….and much creative fun was had.

What is under your needle today? 

And do you have an opinion about the floral outer border to share in the comment box below? 

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53 Responses to Sunday Sewing: your opinion requested for a design decision?

  1. I think the big flowers in the border fabric detract from the wonderful panel you have made. Way too overpowering! I love it as it is, without the border.


  2. Jean says:

    Could you please tell me the difference between the AcuFeed Flex VD foot and the HP2 AcuFeed foot. They are both narrow. Thank you


    • lizafrica says:

      The Acufeed flex foot VD is the one sole plate that fits onto the NARROW Acufeed flex foot. The HP2 foot is a combination of the HP foot and Acufeed flex. It is narrow but it is only compatible with machines that can have the HP foot and plate. Not all Acufeed Flex models can have the HP foot and plate system.



  3. Susie says:

    I love it! Wowsers! So bright and beautiful!


  4. Adriana Willetts says:

    Morning, I say do not use that floral border. It is to overpowering for the blocks. I love just the pink border with the silver x’s . It draws out the blocks. Love the colours that you used for the blocks. I have a grumpy in my house as well and when I show him a project that I quite proud of, I get a remark like that. You gotta love them!!


  5. cherylsewing says:

    I like the floral border, but I agree that a narrow border between the 2 borders would make it pop.


  6. Dianne says:

    Beautiful work. Since there is a lot of white in the main quilt and no white in the orange border, a thin border between the two could connect everything nicely.


  7. Laurel says:

    I like the floral border. Consider a very narrow black (finished 1/4 to 1/2″) border between the pink and floral? Sometimes it makes it pop more. What a fun project.


  8. Jody says:

    Yes, go for the additional floral border. It’s beautiful.


  9. robin bambam says:

    lovely fabric, not keen on the big floral and pink border. Is this another unavaliable item from Tamara kate? Still waiting to see her “stand tall” quilt pattern on her website.That was posted on Janome life.


  10. Dawn says:

    Definitely add the floral border it finishes of your bright and happy centre perfectly – love it


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