Embroidery Software Snippets: CONVERT TO CROSS STITCH + list of all the other tutorials to get the max out of your free trial of the software!


We’ve got another Artistic Digitizer function to show you: Convert To Cross Stitch! It takes a dense embroidery design, and converts it to a light and airy cross stitch. Anne Hein from Janome America inspired this post –  she knows all about our Artistic Digitizer software.

For the following design I used a piece of clip art – you can access the clip-art library using the Tools tab. I picked a pretty pair of flowers, and placed them in my hoop.

Screenshot (243)

In order to convert this design, I ungrouped all the elements (using the right click menu) so that I could edit them. After that, I deleted the yellow outline stitch.

Screenshot (244)

It’s easy to delete elements you don’t want, simply select them and then press ‘delete’ on your keyboard.

Next is to do the conversion to cross stitch. Click an element, then go over to the Properties sidebar and click ‘cross’. It immediately shows you the change.

Screenshot (245)

After I converted all of the sections, I added an outline stitch on one flower so that I could see the difference. I did this using the ‘outline’ tab in the Properties toolbar.

Screenshot (246)

Converting to Cross Stitch is a quick and easy way to adjust your favorite embroidery designs using Artistic Digitizer.



Have you tried the software yet? Did you get the code for the Free trial?

If you have been following along, you will have seen quite a few of these mini tutorials recently. We will be bringing you more, as many as we can squeeze into our Janome  Life daily schedule,  so that you have the opportunity to try out these fun and easy embroidery software techniques on the Artistic Digitizer before the free trial expires on 31st May. But as said before, you need to get your skates on!!

To help you find all these mini tutorials easily, Here is the list:

(Do a search for Artistic Digitizer/ Embroidery snippets in the search box or look in the archives for the dates below – all 2020):

Monday 17th Feb : Convert to Floral

Wed 19th Feb: Ambiance Quilting

Wed 22nd April: Announcing the Free trial offer and how to get the code

Tuesday 28th April: Resources to find more video’s, tutorials etc on Artistic Digitizer

Thursday 30th April: Convert to Redwork

Thursday May 7th: Convert to Cross stitch

Monday 11th May: Creating applique in-the-hoop

Wed 13th May: Letters and monogramming

Thursday 14th May: Underlay and creating Dimensional effects

Friday 15th May: Ambiance quilting

There is PLENTY for you to try out during this trial period. Already published on Janomelife and more coming in the next week or so. In fact, they will be coming thick & fast! But we really want you to be able to see for yourself the incredible features this software has and how you can easily achieve fun and creative machine embroidery. Ed. 

Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite feature!

Until next time,


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2 Responses to Embroidery Software Snippets: CONVERT TO CROSS STITCH + list of all the other tutorials to get the max out of your free trial of the software!

  1. Sandra Gilmer says:

    My laptop died this week so I don’t have access to digitizer free trial. When I do get my replacement computer up and running will I be able to get a new free trial code number if I am not able to retrieve the trial software that I had already downloaded?


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Sandra,
      I am unable to answer this query as Janome America is administering this free trial offer. Please contact them at Customer Relations/Support custrel@janome-america.com. They will know where to forward your query if they are not dealing with the free trail.



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