Sunday Sewing: A New Machine Cover using Janome Sew Comfortable templates



I have been wanting to make a new cover for my gorgeous Janome Continental M7 Sewing Machine. It’s really pretty to look at while I’m sewing, but I also want to protect it when it’s not being used. I also have been dying to try out these amazing Sew Comfortable templates!  Also do a search on this Janome Life blog for Sew Comfortable accessories as we did several posts earlier this year where you can see all of these in a bit more detail than this video clip. Ed. They are seriously amazing. So I dug out my scrap bucket, and put on some funky music and went to town.


These templates are made of a durable plastic, with an awesome grippy backing, which hangs on to the fabric wonderfully while cutting. It makes it so easy to use your rotary cutter and mat without having to line up markings on a ruler. I am so sold lol. I was even able to cut a few layers of fabric with these templates. They also come in sizes 2″, 3″, 4″, and 5″ in a separate package.

Once they were all cut, I laid out my triangles on a piece of batting, kind of like a design wall so that I could arrange the colors and prints.


And then I took each row and pieced it together. I did have to add some more triangles to some rows to account for the seam allowances etc. Use your favourite Jnaome 1/4 inch piecing foot to do this.


Once they were all sewn together, it was time to quilt it! I laid my “top” on some batting scraps (a great thing to use those little leftover bits with), did some pin basting and then did some ditch quilting. Did you know that you can use the ‘ditch quilting foot’ with the AcuFeed for quilting on marked lines as well (see pic below) ? It’s such a handy foot to have in your tool box.



I extended the lines to match the lines of the triangle piecing

Come back soon to see the finished sewing machine cover!

Click here to see the Sew Comfortable templates in action!

Until next time,


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2 Responses to Sunday Sewing: A New Machine Cover using Janome Sew Comfortable templates

  1. Kristin F says:

    Is there a tutorial or pattern for this? I love it.


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Kristin,

      I will ask Janomegirl and get back to you. I don’t think she used a pattern – I think she created the idea for the sewing machine cover herself but I will check.



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