Embroidery Software Snippets: Embroidery Underlay to create dimensional effects

Welcome back to our Artistic Digitizer overview! In recent weeks, we have been discussing some amazing features that this software has. Have you missed them? You can search our blog with the phrase “software snippets” to see all of them.


Top: 3D Underlay. Bottom: 4D Underlay

This time we are going to discuss underlay stitches. What is underlay? Perhaps the only other time you’ve heard about it is when discussing new carpet! Underlay is the foundation of machine embroidery. It lays out supporting and foundation stitches, so that the top layer is perfect. You can adjust the underlay stitches to give your design a more 3D effect. An example below is from Janome America’s Anne Hein! She is an embroidery whiz, and uses the underlay to create dimension with monograms.

After selecting the  Monogram and font, the changes can be made in Properties side bar.  First choose a satin fill, then select Underlay. Click on the box with the current underlay to reveal the underlay fly out.

Screenshot (238)_LI

Screenshot (239)

Underlay fly-out menu

Select the underlay  – from 1D to 5D.  I made a sample with 2D, 3D and 4D.  I only caution you when stitching this to watch your foot height.  Stop the machine from time to time so it will adjust to the height and not loose tension.  Here’s a look at how it creates the 3D look.  It builds up layer and layer of thread.  Take a look at your creation in Slow Redraw before stitching.



Thanks Anne for providing us with this mini tutorial and the exercise pics.

I hope you have fun playing with the underlay as much as I plan to, I think I’m going to monogram a zipper bag for myself!

Until next time,




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