Embroidery Software Snippets: Ambience Quilting with Artistic Digitizer

We are continuing our overview of some of the features included in Artistic Digitizer software from Janome. How do you get exact perfect quilting around your embroidery or applique designs? Artistic Digitizer to the rescue!

Artistic Digitizer now includes Ambience Quilting.  You can add beautiful quilting around anything you want! Make sure you have your design selected, and then click  Convert or R-click > Ambience Quilting.


Screenshot (234)_LI

The “Convert” tool is located beside the “Export to Machine” button on the top tab.

Screenshot (236)

This is the “Right Click” menu. I love how there are always multiple ways to do something in Artistic Digitizer!

In the Ambience Quilting window there are several controls – the size of your border and shape, and the type of quilting – stipple, echo, and scroll.  The density of the stitch and closeness to the object can be selected from this window too.

Screenshot (235)


Top Left image shows Echo Quilting, all others are variations on Stipple Quilting.

Echo quilting can sometimes produce connection stitches these are controlled from “Trimming distance between objects” parameter from “Tools – Optimizer options…” dialogue. If the distance between the lines is 2 mm you need to specify the “Trimming distance between objects” parameter to 1.5 mm.

Another option is to use “Scroll” in place of echo. It is very similar to “Echo” but are a spiral and it does not use connection stitches.

Screenshot (237)

Showing the Scroll Setting

In playing with this tool I realized the knife tool can be used to cut the stipple apart – this causes the stipple to become 2 objects and they can fit back together like a puzzle piece!


I’m sure you are going to love playing with these settings in your own copy of Artistic Digitizer! For a limited time, there is a free trial on this software. Find out all about it here. And kudos to Anne Hein from Janome America for creating this content!

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