Sewing a “Handmade” bag label using the Janome Memory Craft 6650

I recently added the gorgeous Memory Craft 6650 to my sewing studio and I was pleasantly surprised to discover some very nice decorative stitches that I could incorporate into my bags. The first decorative stitch that really stood out for me was the “Handmade” script. With a bit of experimenting, I created this beautiful label and added it to a Freesia foldover bag.

If you’d like to create your own labels, it’s very easy and requires very few supplies:


You will need embroidery thread or even regular thread will work. I am using Madeira metallic embroidery thread. You do not need the embroidery thread in your bobbin. I used regular white thread in the bobbin without any issues.


For the material of the label itself, you will want to use a non-fraying material such as vinyl or cork. I used cork because it’s so easy to work with and I was planning on using it for my bag. I started with a piece of cork that was approximately 4” W x 2.5” H. It’s better to use a slightly larger piece than your desired label size and then trim it once you’ve completed the decorative stitching.

Let’s get started!

  1. To start, you’ll want to thread your machine with the embroidery thread (or regular sewing thread if that’s all you have) for the top and regular sewing thread for the bobbin. Make sure there is good contrast between the colour of your top thread and your label material so the text really stands out. 
  2. You’ll want to program your machine to complete the decorative stitch and then end with a locking stitch so your decorative stitching does not come undone. For the Janome MC6650, the instructions to do this are on page 84 of the manual. Other Janome models have this same stitch or similar stitches that could be used. 

  3. You’ll need to switch your machine to MODE 2. Then select the pattern for the “Handmade” decorative stitch. For the Janome MC6650, enter pattern 170. Then press the Memory Key. Next, you’ll need to enter the lock stitch – it looks like a bull’s eye – see pic below.  On the Janome MC6650, enter pattern 172. Press the Memory Key again. You should now have the correct sequence programmed into your machine. 

  4. You do not need a special foot when sewing the pattern. I am using the standard zig zag foot. You will need to start sewing the pattern about 1” from the left edge of the label material, making sure it is more or less centered vertically.  But don’t worry if it’s not perfectly centered because we will trim away around the stitching in the next step. Start sewing and your machine should automatically sew the pattern and then complete with a locking stitch. 

  5. Once the pattern is done sewing, press the thread cutter button (pic below)  to cut the thread. You will need to trim the thread at the start of your stitching.

  6. Using a clear quilting ruler, trim the label so there is an equal amount of cork fabric all the way around the decorative stitch. My final label dimension was 3” W x 1” H.


  7. I then used my Janome HD9 Professional to sew the label onto my bag. I wanted to use a heavy weight thread that would stand out nicely on the label. The Janome HD9 was perfect for this task, as well as assembling the rest of my bag.

I can now create a new, inexpensive label for each bag I make using different coloured thread and label material that coordinates with the materials I am using for each bag I make!

Happy sewing!


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  1. Sue Wendt says:

    Wish my 6600P had that stitch. I know I could program something similar but love that script.


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