Software Snippets: Knockdown Stitches with Artistic Digitizer

Today we have more information to help you learn and make creative embroidery projects with your Artistic Digitizer software.

Thanks so much to Anne Hein from Janome America for putting this content together for us!

Using Janome as my text, R-Click on the letters, select Autoborder. From the Autoborder flyout input how far the outline should be from the letters, select Running stitch, Ok.

This is the text with the outline before any changes.

Just a few edits to the outline are needed: Select outline, R-Click, Break apart.  Click on the parts you want to remove, select delete. 

The parts that go up in to the N and M can be deleted too using the Editing Nodes tool.  With outline selected, select Edit Nodes, click and drag a box around the nodes you would like to remove, select delete.

Now we have a smooth outline to work with.

Select the outline, go to Properties, Fill and select Netfil. In the Properties window change the angle of the fill and the cell size to your liking. To move the netfil behind the letters: R-Click on the netfil select Order, move to the back of the design.  One last thing to change would be to select the design and change the Remove overlaps from Auto to Never for both Outline and Fill.

The same can be done with a step fill by changing the density and stitch length.

Use a created shape with the Shape tools or draw your own shape with the Digitize/ Outline shape tool.

I totally love this technique! Actually, I just picked up some facecloths for my daughter, so I tried out Anne’s steps and made a little video for you! Click here to watch it.

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2 Responses to Software Snippets: Knockdown Stitches with Artistic Digitizer

  1. Margie Pendleton says:

    I am so amazed with the ongoing education Janome is giving us every day! The purchase of Artistic Digitizer is one of the best investments in fun and practicality I have ever made. It is the beginning of a new journey and a new community. Thank you Liz Africa, Ann Hein and all the educators! Thank you Janome!


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Margie,

      You are so very welcome. We think this software is pretty awesome hence our excitement to show you all it can do. There a real fun technique today and more will come in the months ahead – for sure!
      So glad you are having creative fun!



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