Software Snippets: Shaping And Intersecting Text

Today we have more information to help you learn and make creative embroidery projects with your Artistic Digitizer software.

First you need to create a base design, and your word:

Place your letters on top of the base. Be sure everything is ungrouped. Tip: If your letters are under the base colors go to the Sequence Menu and change from Auto to Manual.

Select the letter first then select the color bar.  When you use Intersect the last color you pick will be the color in your shape.

Click shaping on the top tool bar > Intersect or R-Click > Shaping > Intersect.

The bottom of the J has the bar color – hard to tell now.  Next select the next letter that needs red.

Tip: To easily select the letter and color bar. Select the letter > shift >click on the color bar to select it.

In this exercise my letters are all step fill – the little part of the A when selected and changed with the color bar turned to satin.  While still selected go to Properties > step fill.

How cool is that technique? Thank you so much Anne for putting that together.

You can find more Software Snippets by putting that phrase into the search bar!

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2 Responses to Software Snippets: Shaping And Intersecting Text

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Do you have online classes for the Artistic Digitizer? I receive one with my Continental M7 but I need help from A1. Thanks


    • lizafrica says:

      Hi Carol,
      Sorry,not sure what you mean by A1? Are you referring to the DVD that comes in the box with the machine? There are many, many videos embedded within the Artistic Digitizer software. I do believe we have offered at least one post showing how to access those videos. They usually show up on the opening page of the software.

      Do you follow Janome Life blog? If so, you would have received an email on Wednesday this week telling you about all the various sources of support for Artistic Digitizer. May I encourage you to follow us and not miss these notifications in the future?
      YES, we have lots of online lessons. We have offered videos within many of our Janome Life posts about Artistic Digitizer – and there have been many such posts over the last 2-3 months in particular – but before that too. Please do a search in the box on the right of the home screen for Artistic Digitizer and all these posts will come up. Not all have videos but many do. Our series of posts called embroidery snippets are very informative.

      We also have a YOU TUBE channel called Janome Life where we have some videos as well. That is a channel we started when the pandemic hit us so is new but we plan on adding more videos over time.

      And last, but not least, there is a great deal of support with video lessons at the Janome Facebook groups: Janome Sewing Machines and Artistic Digitizer. I would highly recommend you visit these groups and watch all the good materials we have been offering for quite some time.

      Hope that assists you.



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